Civilian TAOR drama

  1. 3 years ago

    Hi there, hope you can help me out as I cant tell what I'm doing wrong

    Playing on Lythium and didnt want civ pop to be spawning inside "military areas"

    So I put down markers over the relevant bases and blacklisted them in the Civ Placement module

    As you can see from the screenshots, this hasnt worked.

    What am I doing so wrong ?

    Any help is greatly appreciated



    It's been like this since the big civilian rework and I think it might have something to do with some civs being spawned as agents for performance reasons.

    I just explain it away as locals on base being paid to keep the place clean, or they're there selling bootleg copies of Jarhead to all the soldiers :)

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    Yea, I think that is an issue, but not a huge deal. I've been playing on Lythium for the past 3 or so months exclusively with Alive and I don't find it too much of a problem....I just figure the locals needed a place to stay that is safe from ISIS - hearts and minds; you know ;-)

    Anyhow, you can successfully blacklist the civs from the two main military bases which is good, since I have both bases as Blufor main bases (far north is AAF and big southern base is US) and is civilian access is strictly prohibited and enforced.

  4. @JD_Wang, thanks for bringing this to my attention, didnt realise its an alive issue, thought i was being dumb :D. Youre right, its not the end of the world having "civ contractors" about, although its annoying when theyre walking around over the runway of a US military airbase :D

    I did a bit more searching last night and saw a few posts about Lythium, I believe it was yourself (apologies if its a case of mistaken identity) that was saying Lythium just doesnt really work for alive insurgency.

    Do you still feel this is the case ?

  5. @DrDetroit you managed to blacklist the airbases !?

    Didnt work for myself, able to share a picture of the editor to see what markers youre placing ?

    it would be much appreciated as I still get civ spawns all over the airbases especially "isaf HQ"

    bloody taliban infiltrators :D

  6. @KiloRomeo The issue with the Lythium index was fixed and it works perfectly now.

    In fact the only problem I have with Lythium + ALiVE now is that the map is too good and every time I start to make another mission I end up wanting to make yet another Lythium Insurgency. :)

  7. Edited 3 years ago by DrDetroit

    @JD_Wang I know, Lythium is THE best map for middle east. The huge mountains, deep valleys, neat towns and large cities...updated lighting...just a beautiful map. The topography and biomes are very authentic. Now that it works flawlessly with Alive, I can't be bothered with other maps for the moment.

    Anyhow, @KiloRomeo , it should work for you, I have no issues with blacklisting civs from the two air bases. I simply place a TAOR over each base (Blufor_HQ and Blufor_HQ_2), and the input those TAORs into the blacklist field of the civilian spawn modules.

    I don't bother doing that for all the military bases scattered all over the map though, just the two air bases.


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