VBIEDs always explode

  1. 5 months ago

    Hello, friends. Been having trouble defusing the VBIEDs. Currently using ACE with ALiVE.

    Steps to repro:
    1.) Load mission with asymmetric enemy sync'd to an IED module
    2.) Find a VBIED using whatever method you like (I used the debug option and teleported the player nearby)
    3.) Attempt to approach the VBIED to disarm the explosive.

    Expected outcome: An EOD tech creeps up, finds the explosive stuck to the underside of the vehicle, ACE interacts with it, defuses the bomb.

    Observed outcome: Roughly 3m from the vehicle, the IED explodes. Every. Single. Time.

    Workaround: This behavior is not observed when the player is a civilian EOD tech. When playing as a civilian EOD tech, players can approach and defuse VBIEDs using the expected method.

    Is there a mission setting I have misunderstood or some other feature of the mod I'm not using correctly?

  2. http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/IED There are some informations, the thing is the rego is a closed repo. So no one can really support the alivesystem. Sad Admin Noises :( .

    But there are some usefull hints.

    By default, only Explosive Specialists or players carrying Mine Detectors can detect and/or disarm IEDs.
    Any unit with the text EOD in its name can also detect or disarm IEDs
    IEDs can often be destroyed with controlled explosions or by using large caliber weapons.
    Use the Action Menu to Disarm an IED once you are close enough, only recommended for those that can detect IEDs.
    If synced to an Asymmetric Warfare OPCOM, the IED Threat module parameter is ignored.
    3RD PARTY IED SYSTEM - "The 3rd-party checkbox is just a placeholder for now. Normal ALiVE IEDs are configured to be detectable with a ACE minedetector, but disarming them is still just a normal interaction. Nothing is tied to ACE Explosives, yet."


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