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  1. 2 years ago
    Wed Oct 17 17:06:03 2018
    O Onearmy started the conversation How to delete SPOTREP/PATROLREPs?.

    As the title says, is there a way to delete the markers/briefing entries made when a player submits a SPOTREP/PATROLREP?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Thu Oct 11 00:48:26 2018
    O Onearmy posted in Transport isn't landing.

    Hey, so I just remembered this thread when I was having this issue. The issue is caused by the FRIES system within ACE. For whatever reason, it causes this buggy behavior with landing to occur with Combat Support transport choppers. (It's not just ALiVE either, AI choppers in vanilla always act weird with FRIES). For some reason, even when placed and the "Equip FRIES" attribute isn't checked, the helicopters still come equipped with them.

    I was able to fix it by going into my mission.sqm and removing the FRIES class/attribute from any helicopters set as combat support. Easiest way to find it is just CTRL-F "FRIES" when editing the mission.sqm

    Alternatively there's another quick-and-dirty solution where you can use Zeus and "delete" FRIES on each helicopter affected while in-mission. Of course, if you're doing persistence, this will have to be re-done each time the mission is hosted (it won't when editing the mission.sqm)

    Hope this helps someone, tore my hair out for so long before I figured this out.

  3. 3 years ago
    Fri Sep 22 01:23:30 2017
    O Onearmy posted in Help with Mission Building.

    Hey, thanks for pointing me to that thread. Some useful information.

    As for R3F logistics, I took a look at it and it seems like it will be very useful for building a FOB. But I couldn't find a way to make it so I can have set a spawnable point around a FOB we build? (Other than ZEUS). Keep in mind I can't script for ****

  4. Thu Sep 21 02:43:09 2017
    O Onearmy started the conversation Help with Mission Building.

    Hey, I'm currently in the process of building a whole-map mission on Altis centered around BLUFOR counter-insurgency operations.

    There's two things I'm stuck on and I have no idea how to do scripting (If I did it'd probably help a lot).

    The first thing I'm wanting to accomplish is some sort of system that will allow us to build FOB's. Basically, I'm looking for a way to be able to deploy FOB's that can act as spawn points as well as having the ability to build fortifications around said FOB during the mission.

    The second thing I want to do is have some sort of detainment center where we can put naughty civilians and after a certain amount of time has passed while in detainment, they despawn or get teleported back to wherever. I suppose this one ties back into #1 a bit.

    Anyone have ideas or some tried and true methods?

  5. Sat May 27 21:37:51 2017

    Yeah but I'm not using the module to spawn the Player Combat Support craft. I'm manually placing the helicopters on the deck of the freedom and then putting in the proper init code from the wiki on the helicopters and then syncing them to the module.

    From the wiki: "It is possible to place crewed vehicles in the editor and sync them directly to the CS module, allowing editors to sync additional editor modules to them (such as medical modules). Put the following in the init line of the synced vehicle:...etc"

    It works fine on land. But on the freedom (and the Nimitz mod before the freedom) this happened.

  6. Thu May 25 15:53:15 2017

    @Friznit Does it work if you put them on the land?

    Yeah it works alright when they're placed on land. I gotta figure out a way to get it working.

  7. Tue May 23 14:05:18 2017

    @SpyderBlack723 Yep, there's a good chance they are being spawned in the water..

    No they're being spawned on the deck of the carrier where I placed them in the 3D editor. I spawned on the carrier too when I was testing the mission. Saw the helicopters sitting on the deck with their crew inside. Opened the combat support menu and I saw the helicopters in the menu, however they were being registered as combat ineffective even though they were sitting on the deck, undamaged. I could get in them and everything too, but once inside there was also no option to talk to the pilot (because once again it thinks they're combat ineffective for some reason).

    At first I figured it could've been one of the many mods, but even when running just CBA and ALiVE the issue happens. Keep I was using just the Player Combat Support Module and syncing it to the helos that had the combat support code in their init fields, I wasn't using the other module that spawns them by itself.

  8. Sat May 20 20:24:50 2017
    O Onearmy posted in Ai difficulty.

    I've been wanting to use VCOM with ALiVE, but it seems the combat support/transport helicopters always take off on their own. Really bugging me.

  9. Sat May 20 20:22:12 2017
    O Onearmy started the conversation Player Combat Support Broken on USS Freedom.

    So I tried setting up a new Insurgency mission on Altis where BLUFOR starts on the new USS Freedom. However, I have found that the combat support and transport helos I put on the carrier refuse to take off. The tablet seems to think they are combat ineffective, and also there is no option to talk to the pilot when getting in.

    Anybody else having issues regarding combat support and the USS Freedom?

  10. 4 years ago
    Thu Sep 29 19:09:03 2016
    O Onearmy started the conversation Specify Logistics Chopper type?.

    So here's the story. I made a custom ORBAT using Operation Trebuchet factions. It all works, but there is one minor caveat. When I use the Player Logistics and call in a group for reinforcements, the transports that bring in the troops are regular ghosthawks, but I want those to be the Pelican transports that are included in the mod.

    I specified in the modules for it to only use Faction stuff, however the Ghosthawks are still what brings in reinforcements.

    Also, before anyone suggests it, yes, I included the Pelican transports in the custom ORBAT. They're classified under the helicopters category.

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