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  1. 6 years ago
    Tue May 2 04:05:37 2017

    After testing my mission, even though I'm getting the above message, all is working correctly. My stats is saving in the War Room and mission persistence is working flawlessly so I'm not really sure if there is a problem at all or just a bug in the message in my case. Can u send us the mission file marcel?

  2. Mon May 1 12:51:11 2017

    Im having the same problem as you and I also get the message "Welcome Back 'NAME' , Unfortunately we were unable to load your profile'"

  3. 7 years ago
    Tue Nov 8 23:20:18 2016
    R Riksen posted in Donation.

    Thxs guys for the new version of ALiVE! You guys rock!

    Just donated a few more bucks for the cause. It is not much but I hope it helps


  4. Wed Jul 20 22:21:36 2016
    R Riksen posted in 1.1.1 Released!.


    Thank you for the info. I'll check it tonight and let u know.

    @ALiVE team

    Thank you guys for the update! Cant play any Arma3 missions now without it... U guys rock!

  5. Wed Jul 13 13:37:56 2016
    R Riksen posted in ALiVE: Tanoa (Quick Start).

    @Tupolov Thanks for the testing and feedback guys. We'll be pushing this version out today and then we'll do a patch either end of this week or early next.

    So to summarize current issues:

    1. Slingloading is a bit hit/miss, people want option to get rid of container clutter
    2. Air building index isn't quite right, aircraft spawning in terminal buildings
    3. New Police faction does not spawn

    You forgot 4. Task persistence is not working. This is for me the number 1 priority for ALiVE as it is preventing me from finishing several campaigns I hav, including Heroesandvillains amazing Prophet mission. Srry if I keep bringing it up, but it is what is keeping me from ALivE at the moment and I cant wait to get back to it lol

    Thank you for the amazing work u guys are doing


  6. Tue Jul 12 20:29:39 2016
    R Riksen posted in ALiVE: Tanoa (Quick Start).

    Nice job guys .. been eagerly waiting for this update. Has the Task persistence bug been fixed? Please say u did please please ... :)

  7. Wed Jun 29 03:00:15 2016
    R Riksen posted in Player Resupply: Slingloading.


  8. Wed Jun 29 02:59:50 2016

    OMG! You guys are awesome!!!! I guess I'm gonna have to donate again :)

  9. Tue Jun 28 01:45:37 2016
    R Riksen posted in Mission Testing.

    Thxs for the test Heroes. Hopefully they can figure out whats going on ...


  10. Sun Jun 26 20:37:30 2016
    R Riksen posted in Mission Testing.

    Thxs Heroes. Let us know what happens


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