Problems with the save of the player's position after last update

  1. 8 years ago

    Good morning everyone,

    We have a mission called Zona de Combate, where until this last update to save the unity of position was working properly. Now we upgraded to the version released yesterday and this feature is not working anymore.

    Is there any way this problem is corrected, or it will be necessary to reset the entire database?

    Our group account email is:

    big hug to everyone.

  2. Tupolov

    26 Mar 2016 Administrator

    We didn't change anything there. Please post server rpt and plugin logs.

  3. follow link

  4. Tupolov

    26 Mar 2016 Administrator

    need server logs too please

  5. Server rpt

  6. Tupolov

    27 Mar 2016 Administrator

    I see

    10:53:28 Error in expression <t;
    if((_goggles != "") && !(_goggles in _data)) then {
    _data set [count _data, _>
    10:53:28   Error position: <_data)) then {
    _data set [count _data, _>
    10:53:28   Error Undefined variable in expression: _data
    10:53:28 File x\alive\addons\sys_player\playerData.hpp, line 496
  7. Topolov, thanks for the reply,

    But would you like to give more details of the error that was posted above? It is a specific problem of the mission? or a mod that is loaded? ... or even alive?

    Thanks again.

  8. Tupolov

    27 Mar 2016 Administrator
    Edited 8 years ago by Tupolov

    Looks like players, profiles and CQB positions are not saving for you.

    Will look into it

    Can you try loading and saving the mission, but with debug on the Database module.


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  10. I experienced the same thing while testing the persisting data issue today. ALiVE version


  11. Tupolov

    30 Mar 2016 Administrator

    Really need the debug logs. I just tested my base ALiVE mission and everything restored fine.

  12. Zipped them up and maybe they give you guys a clue to my other issue where some data is not saved...


  13. Tupolov

    30 Mar 2016 Administrator

    Need Server RPT with Database debug turned on. Thanks!

  14. Tested this again and noticed that at the start the camera moves and zooms in to the right location but after that you respawn at main base.

    Will try to grab logs and enable DB debug coming weekend.


  15. @KeyCat Tested this again and noticed that at the start the camera moves and zooms in to the right location but after that you respawn at main base.

    lol...what a tease!!!

  16. Tupolov

    31 Mar 2016 Administrator

    Are you running a respawn script? What are your mission respawn settings? If set up incorrectly, you will be respawned back at base at the start of any mission regardless of persistence.

  17. Edited 8 years ago by KeyCat

    Not what I know. The mission is Operation Overlord DL from the demo page, maybe this mission have some kind of respawn script?

    Will check respawn settings, could be it.


  18. Can you test with this section of the description.ext removed (if you haven't done so already)

    //////////--Start Time (Multiplayer Parameter)--//////////        ----->
    class Params {
    	class STARTTIME {
    		title = "Mission Start Time";
    		values[] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24};
    		texts[] = {
    		default = 6;
    		function = "BIS_fnc_paramDaytime";
  19. Edited 8 years ago by KeyCat

    Tried it but problem persists. Will try with another mission and see if it's related to Operation Landlord, great mission BTW and thanks for sharing!

    Edit: Just tried the "ALiVE | Getting Started" and it works fine in that mission so it must be related to Operation Landlord.

    I unpacked the Getting Started mission and compared with Operation Overlord and couldn't find any real difference. None of them had the "Player Multispawn" module.

    Any ideas?

    A (realy) minor thing I noticed is that the time for "Most Recent Operations" on the Your Group page is off with 24 hours. Just wanted to mention it ;)


  20. I am experiencing the same problem. I am using a Coop mission that previously have worked nicely with Alive and persistence in the War room. I have edited it with the 3D editor and changed the AGM MOD for ACE3. Most of the other mods and things remain the same.
    Now the mission is logged on the War room the vehicles are persistent and even the logistic material is persisten but the players are not.
    I have tried it dozens of times, reviewed and played with all settings related to the Database and Player opctions but player location and loadout are not saved or at least they are not applied/persistent when launching the mission again.
    I am using Side respawn settings and using alive multispawn module to respawn players inside a vehicle that works correctly.
    I am attaching a linkt to a rar file with my rpt and pluging logs I had Database Module debug ON.

    Log Files


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