Some objects not restored

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    For testing, I've put three TOWs outside our base but they do not show after a server & exit restart. Indeed, the Quad I've put with Zeus does.

    The zip file above contains the mission, with the relevant ALiVE modules debug turned on, the plugin log file, and the server RPT.
    I can see the RHS TOW class names in the log files, but no errors on why they aren't spawned back at their places.


  2. I'm doing other tests but don't get any reliable result:

  3. To bee saved via ALIVE persistence, vehicles need to either be entered (AND exited) and objects need to be picked up and dropped.

    I can drop a script - based solution if desired

  4. yes, thanks.

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    To save an object via script you will need to run this code on the object

    [ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS,"updateObject", [_object]] call ALIVE_fnc_logistics;
    [ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS,"updateObject", _object] call ALIVE_fnc_logistics;

    Replacing _object with the reference to the saved object

  6. Could this be used on player placed land mines? And if so how do you run that script?


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    You'd most likely want to write a custom script that handles placing of the landmine and then just tack on that code to it.

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    @SpyderBlack723 Sorry to raise up a long dead post but this seems relevant to what I'm looking to try and accomplish. I assumed it would be best practice to not start a new post to consolidate the info. If I could trouble you for some advice, I'm working on a scenerio I'm building would involve the players digging themselves into camps as their base locations, I've made some custom tents with inventory that work fantastically but I found that anything I do using ACEX's fortifications or ace Entrenching does not save. So I was hoping that perhaps if I could understand the code above I could hook onto their listenable events with an event handler to save these into my data base. An example of their listenable events ] here . I was looking at the ALIVE_fnc_logistics on the github but I'm afraid I'm just not sure I fully understand. does this look like it would be possible to save the object to the database and then remove it using this code?

  9. @dixon13

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    @TheDragon117 Refer to my post here about how to setup ACEX Fortify and get it working with ALiVE persistence. I don't have a way of saving ACE trenches though.

  11. @dixon13 I appreciate that! I guess I should have kept digging on the forums a bit further thanks so much for your help!


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