Crafting custom civilian factions within ORBAT

  1. 11 months ago


    So didn't see anything on this - but is it possible to craft civilian factions within orbat? Currently having an issue with UNSUNG_C (nothing spawns), so ideally I would like to create my own faction via ORBAT - though that does not seem possible.

  2. I haven't done it but it's definitely possible. @AUTigerGrad has made a few. Though to be fair I have no idea if he's just disarming OPF/BLU/IND or not...

  3. The problem w/ Orbat, is that it extracts civilian factions as infantry squads (or whatever you specify the units as under the group editor), which appears to not be read as civilians by the civilian placement module.. Unless i'm doing something wrong.

  4. @SpyderBlack723 ?

  5. Do not create groups for civilian factions, simply defining units that belong to that faction is sufficient for civ placement.

  6. Yeah that makes sense. Thanks.

  7. Yes, it's quite easy to make Civ factions in ORBAT.

    Because I absolutely HATE the stupid random sunglasses that Bohemia decides to use on most of their vanilla factions, I always start with CSAT as my base because they don't have the random beach sunglasses issue. Then I just create accordingly. As Spyder said, don't make groups. Just create units and vehicles and you are good to go.

  8. Cool - went ahead and did just that. Thanks!


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