Am i going mad or is this a bug

  1. last year

    Ok so i used to have a cba script to attach arsenal on air drops on B_supplyCrate_F so i placed the B_supplyCrate_F into the white list of the player combat Logistics module everything worked fin since the update what ever fraction i use the drop changes to what seems to be a random box not listed in the white list i posted this on the git but it was closed due to the fact Para Drop are sent within a default container based on faction. i am defiantly not saying this is wrong i am a user and this was posted by a dev but it defiantly worked before or im going mad.

  2. What faction are you using? What box is being dropped, and what's in it when you unload it? You know how to do that, right? You have to turn on the logistics unloading in the ALiVE menu (it's off by default).

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    tested with nato BLU_T_F and BLU_F also tested with usaf.
    As i said above the box drooped changes every time one of them being CargoNet_01_box_F the rest are the metal containers in various colours and size some are empty some are full.
    this was all using the air drop fuction
    requesting air insertion and unloading from the helli drops the correct box i never really use the landing helli and unloading as its quicker to use the drop imo also the cba code for arsenal is not working on unloaded crates but thats a different issue.

  4. In the ALiVE menu, you have an option to turn on Logistics unloading. I believe it's in Player options.

    If you turn this on, and then use the scroll wheel option to "unload" the contents of the container, what is unloaded? The unintended default gear of the box being delivered, or the default gear for what you put in the whitelist? If the latter, this isn't a bug.

    The box changing when using air drop probably is a bug.

    Being able to access the contents of the container via the scroll wheel options is also probably a bug.

    All of these need separate tickets if we can confirm them as not being intended and doing what you're describing. But first things first, what happens when you "unload" the contents of the box?

  5. ^^^ The box being "random" is intended. So we can cross that off the list. In the ALiVE code there is a list of objects allowed to be used and there is quite a few.

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    using the unload option from a requested helli that lands is unloaded and everything is fine apart from no arsenal option .

    i only have the issue with the air drops but it appears this is normal i was sure it worked before i was able to drop a B_supplyCrate_F stright from air drop and it would land with arsenal attached not a random crate.

    to clear up my stupid brain am i supposed to be unloading stuff from the air doped crate and this should be the items in the white list.

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    @flibble666 to clear up my stupid brain am i supposed to be unloading stuff from the air doped crate and this should be the items in the white list.

    Correct. Don't worry, you're not stupid. They just need a clear explanation of the issue(s) if one exists. You got it now. Try unloading the crate using the ALiVE menu/unload option and post back what's unloaded.

    If it's the contents you want, everything is fine. If not, it's probably a bug.

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    ok tested yes they are in the crates sorry for the confusion any idea why the cba script im using would work on editor placed boxes but not on dropped ones


    //ammo box supply drop
    class Extended_Init_EventHandlers {
         class B_supplyCrate_F {
    		clientInit = " (_this select 0) call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'arsenalCrate.sqf')";


    _crate = _this;
    [-1, {
        _crate = _this; _crate addAction ["<t color='ff0000'>Full Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] call BIS_fnc_arsenal}];
    }, _crate] call CBA_fnc_globalExecute;

    thankyou for your patience in explaining and answering.

  9. Ok I see. You're trying to figure out a way to get a Virtual Arsenal dropped. Neat idea. Unfortunately writing code is not something I'm able to do. This would be more up @SpyderBlack723 or @Friznit 's alley. Probably Marceldev89 also but I don't want to tag the entire dev team lol.

    Just hang on tight and I'm sure someone will be around to take a look for you.

  10. ok thanks for all your help anyway.

  11. There was a CBA update (yesterday?) so something may have changed on their end... just a guess.

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    You could try creating the XEH thingy for the ALIVE_B_supplyCrate_F, B_CargoNet_01_ammo_F, CargoNet_01_box_F and B_Slingload_01_Cargo_F" classes. If you're playing as BLUFOR, for other sides/factions the classnames may be different. They can be found at if you search for DefaultContainers.

    It's also possible that all those classes are inheriting from B_supplyCrate_F in which case your code should theoretically work. I can't check this at the moment though.

  13. This is very similar to the issue I was having. Instead of adding arsenal to the box I was trying to add custom items.

  14. thankyou for the help people ill get to some testing and place code here when its working

  15. 5 months ago

    Well it been over a year ago since this thread had a post, i find myself in the same scenario... i would like to a script to fill crate when you call in a support air drop or a VA would work. I have tried the above with ExtendedEventHandlers Still no luck. Is there any fix

  16. marceldev89

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    It should just work, perhaps add a delay to the XEH? Could be that we clear the box after it's spawned in and the XEH fires before the clearing. Not entirely sure if that's the case but I vaguely remember something about clearing.


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