ORBAT-faction empty inventory on dedicated server.

  1. 9 months ago
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    Hello, I've recently started the finishing touches of a campaign I'm making for my group, I've made a custom-faction for our enemy using the ORBAT-tool. However, when testing the mission on our dedicated server, all the units spawned by alive (not those placed in the editor or spawned by zeus) have completely empty uniforms/vests/bags. They still seem to get ammo and grenades since they reload and keep firing even if I control a unit in zeus and empty their magazine and then stop controlling them.

    When trying the mission in SP/non-dedicated multiplayer (hosting it myself) all units spawned by Alive have their uniforms/vests/bags packed with the correct loadouts.

    Is this some sort of intentional function to reduce server-load or is it a bug? and if so, has anyone had the same problem and know how to fix it?

    Here's a link to the unpacked .pbo with the faction config:

    EDIT: just to be clear, they all spawn with the correct weapons, uniforms, vests etc. It's just that they're all completely empty.

  2. Friznit

    2 Jul 2017 Administrator

    This is a known "feature". It's nothing deliberate but I believe it's actually a BIS bug with the locality of one of the commands use to equip units.

  3. ok! then at least it doesn't break anything else etc.?

  4. Friznit

    3 Jul 2017 Administrator

    It all works, you just can't steal stuff off dead enemy. It's on the backlog for a fix sometime

  5. Ok! thanks! I suppose I'll have to train my trigger-happy friends to conserve their bloody ammo... Haha

  6. The AI can still use the gear. The gear exists on the server, but not on the clients. Confusing, but it should work fine. We've added a ticket for BIS to look at, but it's clear that no response will come quickly.


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