ORBAT question re: CSA Czech '38 mod

  1. 9 months ago

    So I'm attempting to combine the Faces of War, IFA3 Lite, and CSA 38 mod assets into a single German Faction in the ORBAT.

    For some reason...everything except the CSA 38 mod assets show up correctly in the unit editor...but the CSA 38 mod assets don't show up anywhere within the ORBAT.

    I understand that due to the way certain mods are grouped, that they may need to be regrouped within ALiVE...but I have never seen where the individual units themselves are not visible.

    Has anyone else messed around with the CSA 38 mod in ORBAT? Is there something else in the actual unit configs that is preventing the individual solders, tanks, etc. from being useable in ORBAT?

    Just curious.

  2. @SpyderBlack723 ?

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    I had this issue with the 101st from IFA3.

    I had to make a new blank (no groups) faction, give the faction the correct name (Instead of the faction being "LIB_101stAB" like ALIVE was telling me, it was "LIB_101AB" or something), then load up the faction via packing it into a PBO and creating a new mod for it and all the units would show up. From there, I created the groups and repacked the mod with all the groups setup.

  4. I am going to guess their configs are a bit wonky.


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