Persistence issues-some help please

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    Hello Guys,

    Our group is new to Alive and so far we are really enjoying it and can't believe we haven't done this sooner. So thanks to to all involved, I can't even imagine the hours you've put in - truly amazing work guys.

    Unfortunately though we've run into some persistence issues. Initially we had some teething problems and human error, rectified that and we had full on persistence for a couple of sessions, but this evening it was broken. The adv. markers had all disappeared from the map and some of our vehicles we didn't expect to see were spawned in at our base (they should've been a few miles away). However our load outs were saved and so was the in game time of the op.

    I noticed an error in the server .rpt:

    12:21:10 ALiVE Global INIT
    12:21:10 ALiVE Global Init Timer Started
    12:21:10 ALiVE [m_0|30] Module ALiVE_sys_data INIT
    12:21:10 CallExtension loaded: ALiVEPlugIn (C:\arma3\private\@ALiVEServer\ALiVEPlugIn_x64.dll) [] []

    12:21:10 ALIVE_SYS_DATA START PLUGIN: ["StartALiVE","OK","Performance Monitor: Disabled"]
    12:21:10 DATA: Attempting to load ALiVE web services config.
    12:21:10 DATA: Loading data dictionary dictionary_161stRR_Operation_Iron_Liberty_v2.
    12:21:12 ALiVE Extension (ALiVEPlugIn) Error: ['{"error":"not_found","reason":"missing"}
    '] CMD: SendJSON ['GET','sys_data/dictionary_161stRR_Operation_Iron_Liberty_v2_3','']
    12:21:12 DATA: Loading basic mission data.
    12:21:12 DATA: Loading mission compositions data.
    12:21:12 Error in expression <] call CBA_fnc_find == -1) && _response != "UNAUTHORISED!") then {

    _result = [_>
    12:21:12 Error position: <!= "UNAUTHORISED!") then {

    _result = [_>
    12:21:12 Error !=: Type Array, expected Number,String,Not a Number,Object,Side,Group,Text,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Network Object,Team member,Task,Location
    12:21:12 File \x\alive\addons\sys_data_couchdb\fnc_readData.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_readData_couchdb], line 1819
    12:21:12 ALiVE [m_1|40] Module ALiVE_require INIT
    12:21:12 ALiVE - Auto Pause Modules Initialising...
    12:21:12 ALiVE [m_2|41] Module ALiVE_sys_newsfeed INIT
    12:21:12 ALiVE [m_2|41] Module ALiVE_sys_newsfeed INIT COMPLETE TIME: 0
    12:21:12 ALiVE [m_3|42] Module ALiVE_sys_adminactions INIT
    12:21:12 ALiVE [m_3|42] Module ALiVE_sys_adminactions INIT COMPLETE TIME: 0.000976563
    12:21:12 ALiVE [m_4|43] Module ALiVE_SYS_spotrep INIT
    12:21:12 ALiVE [m_5|44] Module ALiVE_SYS_marker INIT
    12:21:12 ALiVE [m_6|45] Module ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS INIT
    12:21:12 ALiVE SETTING UP MAP: lythium
    12:21:12 ALiVE SETTING UP MAP: lythium
    12:21:13 ALiVE [m_7|60] Module ALiVE_sys_profile INIT
    12:21:13 ALiVE MAP BOUNDS: 20480
    12:21:17 ALiVE Extension (ALiVEPlugIn) Error: ['{"error":"not_found","reason":"missing"}
    '] CMD: SendJSON ['GET','sys_profile/161stRR_Operation_Iron_Liberty_v2_1','']

    12:23:20 ALiVE Extension (ALiVEPlugIn) Error: ['{"error":"not_found","reason":"missing"}
    '] CMD: SendJSON ['GET','mil_logistics/161stRR_Operation_Iron_Liberty_v2_1','']
    12:23:20 Error in expression <s set [_forEachIndex, _temp];
    } foreach _uids;

    _data = ",'{""keys"":" + str(_d>
    12:23:20 Error position: <_uids;

    _data = ",'{""keys"":" + str(_d>
    12:23:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: _uids
    12:23:20 File \x\alive\addons\sys_data_couchdb\fnc_bulkReadData.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_bulkReadData_couchdb], line 1799
    12:23:20 Error in expression <gic, "bulkRead", [_module, _missionKey, _index]] call ALIVE_fnc_Data;

    _result >
    12:23:20 Error position: <_index]] call ALIVE_fnc_Data;

    _result >
    12:23:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: _index
    12:23:20 File \x\alive\addons\sys_data_couchdb\fnc_bulkLoadData.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_bulkLoadData_couchdb], line 1823
    12:23:20 Error in expression <ll ALIVE_fnc_inspectArray;
    } foreach _uids;

    if(ALiVE_SYS_DATA_DEBUG_ON) then>
    12:23:20 Error position: <_uids;

    if(ALiVE_SYS_DATA_DEBUG_ON) then>
    12:23:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: _uids

    A plugin error: ALiVE Extension (ALiVEPlugIn) Error: ['{"error":"not_found","reason":"missing"}
    I believe all the plugins are installed within the @ALiVEServer folder ?

    Although much to enjoy, the persistent aspect is what we're loving and excited about. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We did have our op show up in war room and player stats, etc., but no longer. Not sure if you need any more info - quite happy to upload the entire .rpt or whatever else you need to debug.

    Not sure if I should start a new thread for this - will do if you need me to. An additional issue is the arty support isn't working. Transport and CAS is fine. We get the comms with the arty, but no actual ordnance is fired. This was working fine, but broke a few days ago. Also, as mentioned markers have disappeared and we can't add them anymore, nor do we get the 'warning' about using alive markers when you place down a vanilla markers. In alive required, I have disable adv. markers = no. Thanks.

  2. It might be best to see your entire server RPT for that session if you still have it. Post it to or similar and link back here. There is also a persistence log found in your server's A3 install directory or under @aliveserver - post that as well.

    With regards to CS - are you using modded units for arty? There are issues with certain mods where the units will receive the order, turn in the direction of the target, but never actually fire. I believe it's a problem with the units themselves and improper configs.

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    Thanks for your response. Here is the paste of a recent .rpt I was just testing. It contains the same issues, of essentially a 'mixed' save.

    Regarding CS, yes, they are CUP vehicles. I'll switch it to the vanilla artillery and see if that makes a difference. Thanks.

    I couldn't find the persistence log. Sorry, I'll take another look.

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    Vanilla mortars and arty vehicles will work for sure. Also if you are using an AI mod it might interfere - try disabling the AI mod or excluding CAS/Arty units - for example VCOM:

    If you are testing and some CUP arty units work and some don't it would be handy to know this info so I can add to wiki

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    OK thank-you, I'll try that.

    Will do ref, cup vehicles.

  6. Couldn't find those persistance log files, but have the plugin log, not sure if that's useful:

  7. Edited 8 months ago by SavageCDN

    ^ that's the one... thanks... someone smarter than me will check it out


  8. OK thanks, appreciate your help.

  9. I don't think I mentioned this, but to confirm its not connecting to the war room or logging stats (was fine a few days ago, as previously mentioned above). It remembers player load outs and time of op and profiles seem to be restored. So no adv. markers and no war room, seems to be the main issue.

  10. Tupolov

    21 Jul 2017 Administrator
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    There's a couple of issues here:

    1. and

    14:26:41 Error in expression <ebug"] call ALIVE_fnc_CP; while {count ALiVE_civ_placement_ROADBLOCK_LOCATIONS > 14:26:41 Error position: <ALiVE_civ_placement_ROADBLOCK_LOCATIONS > 14:26:41 Error Undefined variable in expression: alive_civ_placement_roadblock_locations 14:26:41 File \x\alive\addons\civ_placement\fnc_CP.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_CP], line 2354

    is related.

    2. This is new:

    14:25:24 Error in expression <] call CBA_fnc_find == -1) && _response != "UNAUTHORISED!") then {
    _result = [_>
    14:25:24   Error position: <!= "UNAUTHORISED!") then {
    _result = [_>
    14:25:24   Error !=: Type Array, expected Number,String,Not a Number,Object,Side,Group,Text,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Network Object,Team member,Task,Location
    14:25:24 File \x\alive\addons\sys_data_couchdb\fnc_readData.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_readData_couchdb], line 1819

    3. There's errors with the mil_logistics loading, but its not clear what the issue is there.


    1. Needs further investigation to be honest. Would be good to have an RPT and Plugin log that correlate. Please switch on debug for the database module.
    2. Please also try using Local as the database module option for any new missions and see if the issues are replicated.
  11. @Tupolov thanks a lot.

    1). Is this fairly straightforward to resolve ? i.e. if I drop roadblocks down from extreme to high or medium ? Or will that break the current mission?

    2). ok fair enough. Just to confirm, we're running the latest CBA of course.

    3). [1] - will do and I'll paste in the RPT and plugin soon. [2] - ok I'll try that.

    Thanks again for your help, it is appreciated.

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    Here's the latest RPT, with database debug on -
    file was too big for pastebin, etc, so here's a dropbox link for rpt file:

    And the plugin:


  14. Tupolov

    22 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Thanks this helps.

  15. Edited 8 months ago by Duke_161

    @Tupolov I literally copied and pasted the current mission, renamed it of course and changed it from cloud to local and it all seemed to worked fine... not sure if that's useful to you.

    Is it possible my current version is just corrupted somehow ? We are only week into the campaign, at worst, we can start from scratch, if you can't figure out what's wrong? Would you suggest, that's our best option and perhaps set it up as local data save this time?
    Thanks a lot.

  16. 7 months ago

    Tup is on a work trip in the US so he might not be able to follow up for a few days.

  17. OK, thanks for letting me know.

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    So I completely made a new mission from scratch - very methodical, ensuring everything was set up correctly.

    All working well initially, mission showing up in war room, stats, etc, mission itself functioning properly.

    I then invited a handful of people from my unit to test. Just engaging enemies, using adv. markers, etc. saved a few times, markers had saved, our position and load outs all good and then on the last save, our position/load out was fine, but we noticed adv. markers stopped functioning completely and connection with the war room was lost. This is exactly the same as what occurred before. At least it's consistent...not sure if it's a mod/server configuration causing the issue, no idea.

    Anyhow, here are links to the rpt and plugin logs of this particular mission.

    @Tupolov I understand you're away, so obviously, just when you get the chance to take a look at it and perhaps see what's going on, would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Well at least you were able to reproduce it :) Thanks for the logs, etc.

  20. Tupolov

    28 Jul 2017 Administrator
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    There is a bug with advanced markers where JIPs don't see the saved markers. If users disconnect and reconnect, that may trigger the markers to load again.

    What do you mean connection with War Room was lost?

    What map is this? It seems the index isn't up to date.

    Edit: So for some reason some data types were not stored correctly, i updated your db entries so that should fix the issue you have in the log provided.

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