A3 wounding system with ALIVE

  1. 11 months ago

    Trying have units spawned in by ALIVE on BLU_F to use A3 wounding system.

     Or just units in my group that are spawned by syders addons recruitment module.

  2. Um...OK? What is the question?

  3. With a3 wounding system called in description ext all units placed in editor load a3 wounding system. How do i get it to load on all BLF_F or units recruited to my group by spyders addons module?

  4. You'll have to find out from the A3 Wounding author how to have the system initialize on dynamically spawned units. If you get that code, post it here and someone might be able to lead you in the right direction.

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    What makes you think it doesn't work on spawned units? Have you tried it?

  6. From the document that comes with the script

    Initialization for a unit during the mission flow. (Spawned AI units’ f.e.)

    [_unit] call AIS_System_fnc_loadAIS

  7. @HeroesandvillainsOS What makes you think it doesn't work on spawned units? Have you tried it?

    When I test it only unit that are placed in editor are able to be revived. Any unit recruited or spawned by alive just die.

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    I am not a scripter so fair warning. It probably WON'T work but I asked a similar question about Sunday Revivie yesterday. Try putting [_this] instead of [_unit] in the add code to unit's init box in Spyder's recruitment module and see if it works.

    For ALiVE spawned units I have no clue.

  9. _this would be my guess as well

    For ALiVE spawned units:


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  11. [quote=21443:@SavageCDN]_this would be my guess as well

    This worked thank you very much!

  12. Can confirm it works perfectly and as desired in the above suggested way. All the individual AIS difficulty settings made by mission designer are considered correctly for all BLUFOR units Editor placed or spawned (tested it with IFA3 playing on Wehrmacht side as medic with First Aid/Revive being only possible at certain Field Hospitals).

    THX for collecting the info here in the thread; AIS is by far my favourite Revive System!


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