Arresting Civilian Insurgents

  1. last year

    Other than Ace. What do you use to detain, escort, load, and unload the civilians base to your detention areas?

    I know ace is nice but I play with a small group and we like to keep it KISS as much as possible.

  2. With vanilla ALiVE, you can arrest a civilian (he basically just joins your group, which means the group leader can control him). Not Immersive, I know, but at least the option is available.

    If you want to see an amazing arresting system, try the OPEX mission series on Steam. His entire civ interaction is phenomenal. Maybe you can look through the code and see how he does it.

  3. Will do thanks for the suggestion.

  4. 11 months ago

    @JD_Wang has a great script that allows the hostility of the civ to decrease when in the "detention area". I can't find it off hand but maybe he can repost it.

  5. I think it's in here:

  6. Edited 11 months ago by JD_Wang

    I just used the code that's in the wiki, credit belongs to Spyder I think who originally posted it.
    But it is in the thread Heroes linked to

    Having said that we've been playing the BTC Hearts and Minds mission lately and they have a great system for civilian interaction. It's all deeply ACE driven, but you have 1 guy in the squad who's your "interpreter"

    Anyone who talks to civilians can tell them to Get Down, Go Away etc but if the try to ask them for intel or the reputation in the area they get an unrecognizable response, however the interpreter can actually get a proper response. It works really well because you'll have other squad members detaining civilians so the interpreter can come over and have a chat with them.


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