Retain profiled group way points?

  1. 11 months ago

    Basically i want some predefined groups defending a base area with set waypoints.

    I'd like them to be profiled so that they can intercept any OpFor units in the area but i dont want OpCom to control them and send them off elsewhere. Is that possible?

  2. No one? Am i alone in seeing an application for this or is it something that I've missed in the documentation?

  3. You can set some data on a profile to prevent it from despawning and keeping their waypoints but I can't remember that it was.. :D

  4. @Friznit probably knows.

  5. Friznit

    26 Sep 2017 Administrator

    Easiest way without scripting is to us C2ISTAR ops tablet to remove the group from AI Commander's control.

    You can probably call that same function from the unit unit line. Not sure what it is but it'll be referenced in the relevant module code on github

    Or spyderblack might be able to point it out for you

  6. Friznit

    26 Sep 2017 Administrator

  7. Understood. However im still none the wiser as to how to get _profileHash. I dont want to profile all non profiled units, and can see no way of creating a profile from an editor placed unit via code.


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