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    Hi guys

    I am trying to create a mission using the Cup Russian faction however I cannot Get it to work. I place under the "Overide factions" tab CUP_O_RU - in the Military commander and military placement tabs and under the drop down boxes i have left the faction to none. But when i start the mission i get errors coming up and they spawn as OPfor soldiers. This must be something silly i am doing wrong but i just cannot figure it out.

    I know the 2nd picture is a German Faction entered but I was just trying out various factions to see if they work. My mods are all up to date via the steam workshop


    I hope what i put makes sense

  2. Tupolov

    6 Oct 2017 Administrator

    Why have you put "CUP_O_RU-" ?

    It should be "CUP_O_RU"

  3. I get the same results putting CUP_O_RU. I tried putting CUP_O_RU- in because that was how it was listed under the faction names . Like I said I have tried both and always spawns opfor and not russians

  4. Oh hey you have a thread here. That’s good. Let’s just sort it out here then. Please post screenshots with your Commander and Objective modules open please.

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    I tried adding CUP_O_RU_ALIVE but again. No joy. Thanks for replying :)


  6. I got it working!! The weirdest of things. The rectangular box which the russians were supposed to spawn in I put in as Opfor red. By changing the colour to normal red the Russian factions now spawn in correctly,.

  7. Wait what? Well I guess it doesn’t matter as long as that works. Did that link to that faction I sent you actually work? Well that’s good then. Jman made that and said I could send it to you.

  8. I just used CUP_O_RU. Strange. Different question now. Is there a way i can select where the helicopters and planes spawn that I use for cas and transport? Im creating a mission on the Lingor map on a Airbase. However the planes and choppers spawn in among the trees and 1 of the choppers blow up on spawn lol.

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    Turn off the ambient air assets (its in the MIL Obj module I think). That’s what that is. Wherever you place your CAS/TRANSPORT modules is the exact location those assets will spawn.

  10. Excellent. Many thanks for all your help. Its been appreciated :)


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