Force Faction is not working correct

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    i try to use in my mission RHS and CUP Units.
    The "Force Faction" parameter in the following ALIVE modules are:

    Military Placement (Military Objectives): rhs_faction_vdv
    Military Placement (Civilian Objectives): CUP_O_TK
    Civilian Population: CUP_C_TK

    But in some cases, ALIVE is spawning only vanilla arma 3 faction's e.q. CSAT and as civilian units vanilla Tanoa civs
    The missions runs with ALIVE v1.4.1.1710111

  2. Can you post some screenshots with your modules open so I can take a look?

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    Mil Placement
    Mil AI Commander

    Mil Civ Placement
    Mil AI Commander


    Civil. Placement

  4. Your overview is confusing me a bit. Is the top center one the AI Commander module? Can you write what each are for me please?

    The modules themselves look ok, so I’m assuming we have a syncing problem going on here.

  5. On top is military logistic. On the left and right side there is a military AI commander for each faction. One for "rhs_faction_vdv" and the other for CUP_O_TK. Both are opfor factions.

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    Ah ok. Each Military AI Commander module either needs their own separate Military Logistics module, or, they can share the same one, but they would both need to be defined in the SAME Military AI Commander module.

  7. Ok, but why does ALIVE only spawn vanilla units instead of my forced CUP_O_TK units ?

  8. Not sure without seeing the mission. Feel free to post it here. One thing, since CUP_O_TK is Asymmetric, they’re not supposed to use (be synced to) a Military Logistics module. They get replenished from the civilians. If that doesn’t work, you could try the CUP_O_TK_MILITIA. I use them a lot and know 100% they work.

  9. Hey, make sure there isn't a space after the faction-classname, happened to me multiple times when copying the classname from the wiki. "CUP_O_TK" rather than "CUP_O_TK " ;). it's almost invisible ingame and causes the modules to spawn vanilla units instead.

  10. I forget which module has this setting but you need to make sure you have the module set to Faction and not Faction and Side; that makes the CSAT troops spawn in addition to your factions troops or it overwrites and only spawns CSAT troops. aircraft and vehicles.


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