ACE IEDs become invisible

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    Hey, I've got a strange problem on my server right now.

    I try to create a persistent asym. Mission atm. Everything kinda works so far beside the IEDs. I synced them to the Asym. Module and set it up for ACE IEDs.
    After many tries they now seem to spawn at least. However I discovered a problem while testing.
    Once I have been in an area with IEDs, leave them (the debug marker for that IED go away) and come back some IEDs are invisible but still react to me (make big boom).

    Here are some picture that should show the problem:
    This IED works fine. It always reappears when I come "close" to it.

    This IED however does not work.
    First Time in the Area: (Its a bit hard to see, its between the green bush left and the brown grass in front of my gun)

    After leaving the Area and coming back:

    At this point I'm fairly sure its only happening to the Land Side IEDs. The Urban ones work fine from the look of it!

    Does anyone know whats going on? Anybody has that problem aswell?
    BTW: Yes I'm using several mods. Yes I can sometime later make some more tests with CBA and ALiVE only.
    Also, I'm on the latest Pre-Release right now. Will test latest stable tomorrow I think!

    Many Greetings

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    We can't see any of the images. :(

  3. Well he did say they become invisible :P

  4. Yeah gonna fix it later....sometimes I hate google xD

  5. So, should be good now :3

  6. It seems to be an ongoing issue. We have seen it for a few missions now and not sure what can be done to fix it since they appear or rather they are apparently getting virtualized but aren't coming back out. In our case they aren't being detected either.


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