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  1. last year

    Hi All

    Newbie Here :-)

    Just getting into all this great stuff.

    Found the IED on the MAP (DEbug on) red dot with IED next to it.

    Testing, went up to IED location and nothing happened.

    What did I miss


    On the learning curve, so you might be getting some more questions

    Many Thanks

  2. What do you mean nothing happened? As in nothing is happening when you tried to disarm it, or the IED didn’t spawn, or it doesn’t blow up when walking or driving over it (etc)?

    Is this a mission you made? Just want to make sure it’s an ALiVE generated IED and not from some other mod, and whether or not it’s an Assymetric IED (IED module synced to Asymmetric Commander module).

  3. Morning

    Yes it's an Assymetric IED and a mission I am 'trying' to create.

    It's seem slightly confusing on what you should do with the IED module; depending on what you find on videos.

    Your Wiki says link it to the AI commander, then you look here and this guys says something different.

    Also when I have debug set to 'yes' on the modules, what are the 'black dots' with numbers that appear on the map?

    Is there anywhere which says for 'Assymetic' you have to setup modules like 'this' and it works.

    Example I want 'RED' team to be in Assymetric 'mode' with CQB, IED the whole works, setup in a TOWN.

    I then want 'Blue' team with me as a fire team to investigate a clear the 'RED' town.

    Trying to keep it simple, until I know how it all works 'together', once I have established how it works and also works consistently then I develop, hopefully a mission that I know works.

    So I would expect the IED module to be within the 'RED' controlled town.

    Yes, I setup the 'Civvie' modules correctly, well I think I, as civvies appear in the town.

    Sorry about the questions, but once I 'get it' it will be fine.

    Also, i read, on here somewhere I think, that the 'suicide bomber vest' are not modeled, therefore you will not see them, unless you 'search' people, question where is this search option?

    Many thanks

  4. This is also confusing, again sync to what is the 'correct way'

    Warning: Most of the documentation says that the CQB module should be synced to the Asymmetric Commander. This is supposed to make it so that the CQB spawns stay inactive until their side controls the area, then units will spawn in the buildings. This is definitely what I wanted here, but I was not able to get it to work; whenever I synced the module to the Commander, all the CQB spawns would remain inactive and no units would ever spawn, even if the FIA controlled the area. I had to sync the CQB module to the Placement module to get any units to spawn at all, but this means that the Asymmetric force did not have to control the area at the time. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if this is a bug. I will do my best to find out and update here.

  5. Testing......I was BLUE in a RED town, IED module placed not linked to anything. IED and suicide markers appeared on map.

    Went to suicide guy, when I got near, he placed his hands behind his head, I heard the bleep...bleep of vest, then explosion, building collapsed, guy disappeared, BUT I was OK and with no injury's; very strange.

    Is there anywhere that explains the colored circles and their meanings. I have seen Red, Orange, Grey(with black dots), some change to green, then I 've seen grey boxes appear in the colored circle. Currently very confusing


  6. "2nd test with suicide vest guy and worked as should ALL died

  7. Now linked IED module to AI commander Module. No IED or any ID markers appear on the map; still have debug 'on'

  8. Friznit

    28 Oct 2017 Administrator

    It's explained in the usage line here:

    If you place the IED module on its own, it will create random IEDs. Setting higher IED Threat increases the chance of an IED spawning. The dots you see in debug are the potential locations that it can place IEDs. They will despawn when a player leaves the area. When a player returns, it's still random so IEDs may spawn in different locations.

    When synced to the AI Commander in Asymmetric mode, IED placement is no longer random and becomes entirely reliant on the insurgent production chain. They need to recruit insurgents, arm them with bombs or vests and send them to a potential IED location in a hostile town where they will plant the IED to target security forces. Obviously this can take some time. Players (or AI security forces) can interdict the production chain at any point.

  9. Thanks


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