ALive and BeCTI

  1. last year

    I'm working on a BeCTI mission involving some different spec ops groups in a light infantry environment. I want to use the ALive cqb and ied features if possible for the 3rd party rebel group both sides fight.

    I'm leery though of having both the ALive ai and the CTI ai trying to work at the same time. Is it possible to use Alive just to manage one particular aspect of a mission in conjunction with CTI?

  2. I’m not familiar with BECTI but I don’t see any reason offhand why CQB or an unsynced IED module wouldn’t work for your purposes. Both modules can be freestanding and add things to the map. I’d say give it a try and see.

  3. Well I gave it a shot and while the cqb did work the ALive ai blocked the save game function of the game.

    Instead of the normal save it was looking for the data module to save it to the cloud I guess.

  4. You can set the saving to local - it will save to your PC / Server

  5. Vanilla saving is disabled by default with ALiVE. You can re-enable it. The option is in one of the core ALiVE modules. Not home and can’t recall offhand which one it is, but if it’s not in ALiVE Required, check Data or Player Data. It’s there somewhere.


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