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How It Works

ALIVE Persistence stores mission and player data on the central ALiVE database, allowing players to retain the state of the mission across multiple sessions. This works both for players disconnecting and rejoining in progress as well as between server restarts. Persistence is configurable on different modules, allowing mission makers and server admins to choose the level of mission data to be stored and recalled. To turn on persistence, choose the option in the relevant module. Persistence is OFF by default.

Persistence requires an account on the War Room.

Profiles Virtual AI System persistence stores the state of all virtual AI profiles including current location and combat effectiveness.

OPCOM Military AI Commander persistence stores the current orders relating to each Objective. If AI Commander persistence is off when a server starts, the AI Comd will review the current state of assigned objectives based on the location of available units and issue fresh orders as normal.

CQB With Military CQB Persistence on, ambient CQB Sectors are stored to DB (not individual CQB units). Players should take care clear a sector fully before a server restart. If not, the sector may still be considered occupied and fresh CQB units will spawn in that sector.

Player Player Persistence comes with the ALiVE Player module and stores a large amount of player data to the database, including location, medical state and equipment. The module has a option to turn Database saving OFF. In this case Player data will be saved for the current mission only - once the game is restarted, the player states will be reset. This is useful for people who want player persistence for JIP or disconnected players but do not have access to the War Room.

Logistics Player Logistics persistence is enabled by default and will store the location and contents of vehicles, objects and players. Vehicles and objects are saved when they are moved or accessed by a player.

Exiting and Shutting Down

When players leave the mission they should use the ALiVE specific Player Save & Exit button for best results. Quitting the mission normally (with the BIS exit or Abort buttons) may cause persistent data to partially fail. Similarly, when closing the mission down be sure to use the Server Save & Exit button.

Editor Notes

Note that when editing missions that are persistent, units placed on the map in the editor may be moved to their stored location when the server restarts!

Persistence is predicated on the mission.pbo name. You can can change the displayed mission name in mission.sqm no problems, but the pbo must remain the same. To reset the Persistence state of a mission (start a fresh one) simply rename the pbo file. See ALiVE Data for more info.