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  1. last year

    Hey guys,

    I browsed through previous conversations about Lythium but wasnt able to find a specific up to date answer.

    What are the news on the index? Where does the issue lie? Is it Jbad buildings? Or is the index just not up to date? Or something else with the map?

    Iam asking because the civilian spawns are still dismal to say the least.

  2. Friznit

    21 Jan 2018 Administrator

    The index is find, but civilians just don't like JBAD buildings.

  3. Huh, do you think its specific to the Lythiums version of JBAD? Ohhh, is it a JBAD related thing then? Or is there any way to "help" it from ALiVEs side?

    Do you guys from ALiVE have any idea what specifically causes this with JBAD?

  4. I don’t think anyone’s looked too closely. It’s just a pattern with maps that use JBAD. Diyala had the same issue when it used JBAD before converting to CUP.

  5. Lythium would be the #1 map for ARMA if not for the fact of those non spawning civs in 80% of the buildings.

    FFAA guys really did an outstanding job on it. If only we could get the civ spawning issue fixed.

  6. 11 months ago

    Having ALiVE working with JBAD (and more specifically Lythium) might be one thing that could bring me back to playing ARMA.

    We can but live in hope

  7. Edited 11 months ago by Spark

    Hi, I speak sometimes with the guys from FFAAmod.
    The main problem they have is that there are very few people, when they started with the map I think it was in the time of arma2, then they used jbad buildings.

    The Spaniards are a lot of football, and things like that. Then you have mass games like call of duty battle field etc, that lets the Spanish community of arma3 be tiny.

    I do not know if they do not know how to find collaborators in the arma3 community and not only in the Spanish community to work in the FFAAmod and lithyum. You could propose to collaborate to see what they say.

    Now, for example, I am having problems with the mission of rescuing the pilots of a downed helicopter (no helicopter or pilots appear). And I know they're not going to make it compatible with alive because if it's just a person who is dedicated to working on that, he does not have time to investigate compatibility with a third mod.

  8. I've raised the issue in the jbad thread and m1lkm8n got me to raise the issue on his github and he said he'll try and look into it, although I suspect it'll take an ALiVE dev familiar with how all the spawning works to sit down with him and work out what it is about jbad buildings that upsets ALiVE so much

  9. Thanks.


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