RHS M109 don't respond

  1. last year
    Edited last year by GrizzlyBear83

    The RHS M109 artillery stopped working as combat support. They spawn but when I click on them in the CS menu I can't pick ordnance or anything. The helicopters work fine, planes to. Never had this problem before. Don't wanna use vanilla when rolling with RHS.

  2. Try manually adding them to CS:


    If that doesn't work then test with vanilla units - if they work OK then it's something with the M109

  3. Fairly certain RHS is incompatible for artillery.

  4. Vanilla units works and I'm using them instead, but I swear I've used M109s in previous operations, at least, I'm fairly certain I've. I distinctly remember calling in artillery on a Lythium op months ago. I've added them manually and they just show up but cannot be interacted with via the tablet.

    Oh, well, I'll have to live with vanilla units. Thanks anyway guys.

  5. IIRC this is usually caused by the unit not following BIS config standards (insert joke here) for artillery units.

  6. 11 months ago

    Grizzlybear, you are correct. the rhs m109s have worked with alive in the past. Just a few months ago I had multiple working m109s set up in the alive combat support. But now I have same issue as you. They no longer work with alive. Maybe when RHS updates after tanks DLC they will work again I am hoping

  7. ALiVE_sup_artillery module is firing just one or two shots when I call in a barrage.
    Im using the RHS_M110_D artillery, but maybe related somehow?


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