How to make BLUFOR *actually* assault OPFOR?

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    The problem I'm having is that BLUFOR will only attack with 1 to 3 infantry squads at a time, every 15 to 30 minutes after each assault fails. Is there a way to have them assault with more troops? I'm not looking to make Pickett's Charge or anything, I just want them to actually assault the objective with force and aggression.

    Setup is BLUFOR and OPFOR each spawn using a Civ Obj with towns ~5km away, blue has 200 strength and red has 100 strength, both have 2 mechanized groups overridden to spawn. Red is set to Occupation and has no knowledge of Blue, Blue is set to Invasion and has the Red spawn synced to Blue commander.


    Look for this setting in the Virtual AI module:
    Max Simultaneous Attacks

    The default number of attacks depends on the type of AI Commander:

    Invasion: 4 Attack, 1 Reserve, 2 Defend
    Occupation: 4 Attack, 1 Reserve, 5 Defend

  3. Out of curiosity on your reply, my understanding was that Max Simultaneous attacks only controlled how many objectives in total they'd engage at a given time. Is there a way to control how many profiles they'll use on each objective?

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    What @thick1988 said! That was my understanding of that wiki section. Is that not the case? Does that control how many groups are sent to attack an objective, not how many objectives will be attacked at once?


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    I’m not sure of the exact way it was coded, but I know 100% the intention behind it was to give the user a way of lowering/increasing the amount of objectives OPCOM would engage simultaneously, specifically because i (and others) was/were bitching about insurgency being too fast and populating the map with so many insurgents with the default (10 objectives attacked at once) a normal insurgency mission could never be “won.”

    Highhead would have to confirm since he’s the one who coded it but it seems pretty self explanatory to me, especially considering the context which he added it.


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