1. last year

    Is War room back up? I thought it was closed down?

  2. Yeah I think it’s up and running again with a new host.

  3. ok cool. I can't seem to get the local persistence to work but I had the war room working before they announced it closing

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    Local persistence should work exactly as CloudDB but save locally to your server profile or player profile. What’s not working about it? Are you playing on a dedicated server (if so who do you rent from)? Or local host?

  5. hosthavoc I did try to switch back over to cloud, but I'm having issues finding my server machine name. Also, it seemed like when I saved locally it took forever to save, and it's not finishing the save.

  6. I’m not really a server expert, so I can’t really say if hosthavoc would support the profile saving system or how to figure out your host name. @SavageCDN ?

    If I was you, I’d try a couple things. First I’d see if the mission saves locally if you host a LAN session on your PC. Just to see if it’s the mission itself.

    Then I’d try a vanilla CBA and ALiVE only mission on your server and see if local and cloud both work. Then report back.

    Basically I guess you want to see if the problem is the mission or the server.

    For the hostname, you could probably contact hosthavoc directly and ask what it is (assuming they would know. Sorry I can’t be much help here I never rented a server I just host locallly or use TADST or FAST servers on the same PC I play on).

  7. The local save works fine locally, and it does work initially on the server. Seems like after we do something big or have been on the server for a while 1 hr or so it doesn't want to save.

  8. Yeah I personally can't get beyond the initializing waterfall screen.

  9. I would ask your server host about this - they may need to do something on their end in order for this to work properly. Point them to the install instructions for @aliveserver.


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