Strange blue line on maps&rejoin issue

  1. 5 years ago
    Edited 5 years ago by deimer

    Ever since I made my first insurgency mission on Al Rayak, I've seen this strange blue line on the horizon that will stay there on certain playthroughs. Usually I can fix it when I rejoin, but rejoining isn't ideal because after getting into a combat support vehicle I do not see the talk to pilot option anymore.

    I at first thought the blue line issue was from Al Rayak's strange lighting, but now that I've made an insurgency mission on Clafghan I notice it too occasionally. Not a major issue, but can be annoying as the higher I go in the map the bigger it gets. Here's a screenshot of the blue line.

  2. I seem to remember a blue line bug on the old, non-Nremik CLAFGHAN that was related to some issue with how they made their ponds or something. Probably not ALiVE related.

  3. This is the latest Nremik Clafghan map, and I also noticed this on Al Rayak. Could it be from just these 2 maps? I think I've only noticed this issue when using ALiVE.

  4. Not sure what that is but it doesn't look like the A2 pond bug


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