Prei Khmaoch Luong map problem

  1. last year

    Im trying to make an alive mission on Prei Khmaoch Luong. I can only get civilians to spawn on the top half of the map. Southern cities are empty. Debug shows that all the villages and towns are recognized yet no civs in the southern half. Anyone else experience this or made an alive mission on that map?

  2. Made a mission on this map a couple months ago, using a custom ORBAT specifically.

    Had a similar issue, although I wasn't running civilians.
    My workaround was to get quite liberal with the TAOR markers. If you get really stumped, you might need to index the map .

    PKL, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be supported by ALiVE as of yet, so weird little bugs like this are always bound to happen!

    As an alternative, G.O.S. Song Bin Tanh is supported by ALiVE, and has a similar, South-East-Asian vibe to it.

    Da Krong is also supported, and is a fantastic map, but is built into the Unsung total conversion mod.

  3. Pretty sure I indexed the map, then Highhead used it, and reindexed it himself, so it should be good assuming the map hasn’t added any new buildings recently.

    Remember civs can really only spawn at those grass hut thingies if I recall. If there’s no enterable civ buildings around, civs can’t spawn there.

  4. I read in a few posts that the map had been indexed by you. Did the civilian module work correctly in tests? I think maybe the map has been updated since its initial indexings. As far as I could tell the buildings looked the same in the town where civs spawned and where they didnt.

    Can I personally index any map that has not already been? If so do i add the indexed map file like a mod or in the mission file? Can I use indexing to alter a map to my taste of spawning and objectives?

  5. Yeah you can certainly try to index the map.

    But no it’s not really advisable to try and index it in a way that might suit your needs. The long short of it is, each building needs to be classified (example, a civilian type building that allows civ spawns, or a Military type building that allows supplies to spawn, etc).

    But yes the civs spawned fine for me in my index and should be better with Highhead’s most recent one included in the mod because he’s one of the lead devs.

    That said, if the map updated and added new buildings since the index, that can throw the whole thing off so it’s possible it needs to be done again. Someone would have to cross reference the dates of the index commit and the last map update and what the update added (I might try to look myself tomorrow if have time).

  6. Just created an account because I'm building a mission on the Prei Khmaoch Luong map too, and I'm having one or two problems getting Alive to work correctly on it (along with Unsung). Anyhow, I saw this thread and thought I'd join in aswell, I have the same issues as Cobra with the civilians only spawning in the top half of the map and the southern cities being empty despite the civilian module recognizing the civilian location and objectives. I personally don't mind that small issue and can perfectly live with it, I simply imagine that the south part of the map have seen a lot of fighting already between the VC's and US troops, and that most civilians in that area have fled.
    Not sure when the map was indexed the last time, but I think Prei Khmaoch Luong had an update a few months ago, so maybe that civil spawns bug comes from that.
    Anyway, thought it'd be worthy to say that Cobra isn't the only one having this particular issue.

  7. Hmm I’d imagine if you’re all seeing this, it probably needs a new index then. TBH I’m a bit busy with other things IRL right now which is taking up quite a bit of my free time, but if I get a chance I’ll index it again (no promises it will be right away).

    Feel free to give it a crack if you want to try indexing it yourself. I can always give you pointers if you have any questions.


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