Limit Combat Support?

  1. 7 months ago

    I really browsed the forums but could not find an answer to this. Only a discussion from 2016 where I am sure there are already new approaches to this now.

    Three questions I have here:

    #1 Can I add a limited use or cooldown time for calling support?
    At the moment I am allowed to spam artillery the whole time. No resources are used from the Logistics and nobody is telling me to calm down ;)

    #2 Can I attach the Combat Support to the OPCOM?
    I kinda feel it is possible but could not find a wiki article to that. I want the support to be used by my OPCOM so I have to wait until he has finished (and I think he will use it more often than me)

    #3 Is the enemy or my own OPCOM actually using kind of hidden combat support (hidden: like scripted impacts)
    Why I am asking; I was attacking a village and as the enemy pushed into it suddenly artillery strikes came in. I did not ordered any. I am not sure if it was the enemy OPCOM or my OPCOM. If it was mine - did he used the Combat Support Modules I placed? Or does he spawn own ones or even use scripted strikes (because I never saw an option in the placements module to place artillery units)

    Sorry for these many questions but I really want to dive into ALiVE because it is the mod I always dreamed of ;)


  2. #1 - Not really, I believe you can set some limits on the ammunition but that's about it for combat support.
    #2 - No, the OPCOM cannot use combat support assets, they are player only.
    #3 - I don't believe so. Some AI mods like VCOM may use artillery units when they are available (excluding the units assigned to combat support).

  3. Alright thank you very much!

    Might it happen that VCOM hijacks my artillery units even tho they are bound to my combat support?

  4. Yes, if you do not turn off VCom on the placed Arty units, VCOM will use them for fire support.

  5. Are you sure on that? Does this still happen with the actual release of VCOM?
    And if so, how can I disable VCOM from using my lovely arty

  6. VCOM should have AISETTINGSV3 file in your arma3/userconfig/VCOM_AI directory, which you can edit with notepad. Within ARMA it's also possible to edit the options, but only when you run a mission. If I recall correctly, while running a mission, press esc and find addon options from the options menu. There, browse all the way down and you should find the options for VCOM, including toggling arty. Hope this helps!

  7. Edited 7 months ago by JD_Wang

    Place the following code in the code line of your artillery module (actually put this in all your support modules)

    (group this) setVariable ["Vcm_Disable",true];
  8. thx will try that out!


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