Prevent UAVs Spawning AI?

  1. 9 months ago

    So, I recently downloaded the ITC ground systems mod to utilize the CRAMs they provide. We use VCOM AI with ALiVE and our base constantly gets mortared by the enemy, so we decided to set up these CRAMs on base to shoot down any incoming mortars instead of disabling the feature in VCOM. Since the Praetorian turret is classified as a UAV, it keeps all the friendly units around the base on the physical layer and we have hundreds of AI on base, even when we're no where near it. This causes our game to lag big time. Is there any way to prevent UAVs from spawning virtualized units around it?

  2. Never tried with a "UAV", can you sync the gun to the AI module to virtualize it?

  3. Tried that but it seems the virtualization module removes the AI inside of it. As in it goes from being blue in zeus to being yellow and doesn't work afterwords.

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  5. By any chance were you using a UAV terminal in your mission? I forgot that, at least with the vanilla gear, if you don't manually deselect a UAV it will remain an active spawner, even upon closing the terminal and going about your business.

    If you deselect (UAV terminal, choose ----- or whatever the "none" option is) it no longer spawns. I tested this with the Praetorian, assuming the mod you mention builds off/inherits from it? Otherwise must be something peculiar to the mod :(

  6. I'll try it out!

  7. 7 months ago

    Also you can use Fen_A3 to virtualize the friendly AI so that they aren't always appearing unless you are within specific ranges. They still function normally though.

  8. I never did end up getting a proper solution to this, though we haven't used the CRAMs in a bit and thus haven't gotten the opportunity to test out Fen_A3. I'll check it out at some point

  9. How does ALiVE like working with the ITC modules? I haven't checked it out yet but was thinking it might be a little problematic.

  10. You should be able to use the Simulation manager module to disable simulation on the base units when you're away from base.


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