Livonia Index

  1. 10 months ago

    Has anyone tried indexing Livonia themselves? I just attempted only to be confused by the lack of a file path for the map, it's split up into .ebo's in the Enoch folder apparently. This map is really great and I'm chomping at the bit to build up a resistance w US advisors vs Russians mission. Hoping that it will be in the next update but I'm impatient as hell.

  2. Supposedly it takes a number of months for BI to change from ebo to pbo on their new releases. Not sure how long, but it looks like maybe a year long wait for this to happen??

  3. 2 months ago

    The files have been switched over to PBO from EBO. Has anyone indexed this map yet?

  4. 8 weeks ago


    Jun 12 Moderator

    I'm guessing you meant it the other way around. ^^

    But yes, it'll be in the next update:


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