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  1. 6 months ago

    Anyone else having issues with no factions attacking? Modules are setup, with both factions mil and civ obj modules synced to each Mil AI commander. There just isn't anything happening. I've got about 600 troops for Russia and 400 us troops, on Chenarus 2020 and it's dead. just lots of patrols.

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    Ehm @cbff33 mate, sorry for the late reply but, have you synced the OPCOMs with the placement/objectives modules? Have you checked that OPCOMs are set on the same factions that you have placed on the placement/objective modules?

  3. If all modules are set correctly but still no attack, then try increase the size and change location of the placement module, sometimes it seems that if the size is too small of the placement TAOR the AI get stuck

  4. 5 months ago

    Everything is placed and synced properly. it was working, and then it wasn't

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