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    Was making a Counter Insurgency campaign and wanted to implement a way of reducing civilian hostility by accomplishing non military tasks ( delivering aid ect) aka winning the Hearts and Minds of the populous

    I've trawled through the forum and seen a few posts discussing the idea but wanted to know if there has been any updates or if anyone has come up with a script ?

    Certainly would make missions more interesting than just nuke terrorists and destroy installations :D

    Many thanks

  2. A Whoe Lotta Altis has these elements scripted. Deliver water, food, meds, ect to populated towns to alleviate hostility.

    You can probably strip those elements from that campaign and implement it into yours. I've been meaning to add some of this to my private missions but have'nt got around to it yet.

    Good day,

  3. thanks for the reply,

    I had never heard of WLA so thanks for making me aware of the mod, I will have a look but it seems to be a dead mod and people have been saying the scripts no longer work.

    Its a great shame that nothing has been implemented on Alive yet as it would seem all the foundations are there.

    Thanks anyway

  4. I totally agree, there are so many missions on steam that have great macro level system but with their own caching/spawning system that does not work as nearly as good as Alive, I just don't understand why no one build some more complicated campaign using Alive as the base and adding resource/H&M element to it.

  5. I get it from the wiki there are some script that one could use as building block for such campaign, but I don't have the skill for that sadly...

  6. @shi4stone sorry for the late reply but I work on some side missions for a PMC themed persistent mission/campaing that are scripted. I can give all the .sqf s and actually I can tell you exactly how to set them up. The only thing that I am not 100% is if they are 100% MP compatible. I have to finish my 3rd side mission now (which is about 3 lines of code to implement on the script the moment I write this) and do some changes in the 1st one (many things changed for my scripting skills the last 1.5 week!) and then I will send them to you IF of course you want them! Same stands for everyone that wants them!

  7. Hey there guys... I am having some kinda issues with my side missions here because they are not 100% multiplayer compatible (YET!). I am fixing this issues and in some days I will have them set to 100% MP compatibility. I will post here again when I have them ready. If anyone want's them and any help to set them up (I will try to make them set with minimum effort for mission makers), please feel free to ask. Cheers!

  8. @arismagic heck yea! Count me in!

  9. @DrDetroit mate, Probably I will attach a link for a cloud or something that will contain all my small side missions and whenever I upload a new one I will let you guys know with post or something. But for now I have to learn how to set everything up for MP environment (my scripting skills are far from good so it takes some time.) But when I have the 1st mission ready, I will post the link. Cheers...

  10. @DrDetroit , @shi4stone , @KiloRomeo ...
    Alright guys... Sorry for making you wait for so long. I was just getting the ropes of basic scripting but I believe I have some results with more of them coming.

    Here is a link for a Google Drive folder that I will be using (in case you have any other idea to suggest, please feel free to) (I am considering a GitLab or GitHab project but I will see, in any case, the link will be available here) or to place my small side missions in there so they will be accessible to everyone:

    Hearts and Minds Side Missions for ALiVE

    The link is public and everyone have access to it even if they do not have a Google account.

    In there there is a "Missions" folder and in this I will be putting all my side missions. I will have a READ ME FIRST.txt file in every mission folder to explain some things and at the end of every read-me .txt, I will have my contact information just in case somebody needs any help or clarification or anything else... Feel free to contact me on one or all and every each one of these in case you need or want anything... I will try not to post the link again but I will drop a post here everytime the link is updated with any changes or new missions.

    For new players, for new users on ALiVE or scripting, please do not hesitate to ask anything. I am still new to all these and I used to be in your shoes/place once. So I know how it is.

    No matter how new or expert you are on all these feel free to contact me and/or suggest or ask anything you want or need.

  11. @arismagic

    Awesome work buddy, gonna try it out and let you know how I get on.

    Im not much of an arma script pro (if anything im a complete noob) but just reading over the README; it seems like you have the framework to expand e.g

    Swap out -doctor- for -Supplies- and deliver said supplies to X location to gain positive influence...

    Is that something youre looking at doing ?

    Thanks again :D

  12. Edited 3 years ago by arismagic

    @KiloRomeo mate I am really new and inexperience in scripting but I will do my best to provide any kind of help that I can (I believe that I can help you make it work and customize/change some parameters a bit!). The idea behind it is that I want mission makers being able to change at least SOME parameters with the least "pain in the ass" (I am looking right now how I can put in an .txt or another .sqf only the parameters and then pass them down on the main script (which from what I have been told is really easy but for now I concentrate on the next 2 missions.)

    The idea of these missions is for players to have some side, mostly non-military (as you mentioned initially on this post) tasks/missions that actually have an impact on their insurgency persistent mission/campaign, while being replayable and have some randomization on them. With the least amount of effort from the mission makers but a big level of control over them (have as many possible positions for the mission to occure, have control over the some small things like classNames for mods compatibility etc.)

    One more mission is almost ready and right now is in state of testing and finding out and erradicting some bugs/mistakes so, you can wait for it really soon (like in 1-2 days I would say). Please feel free to request any kind of missions and suggest any kind of change or idea you may have.

    And about the idea of "expanding" the first mission to another one, I would say that probably I want many different missions and not the idea of:

    Swap out -doctor- for -Supplies-

    but you can do that for sure.

    But in any case, whatever you want, just hit me up (preferably on Discord) and I will do my best to provide any help that I may be able to...

    One last thing, I do not know if it is possible but if it is, can you please "pin" my post here with the link for the folder of Google Drive so it is pretty easy to find it in case many posts come up here?

    Cheers mate.

  13. Thanks for this @arismagic , much appreciated. Going to mess with this stuff this weekend!

    Good day!

  14. @DrDetroit cheers mate. Please share all the improvments/changes for this. I believe that all of us will benefit from them. Thanks mate.

  15. Edited 3 years ago by KiloRomeo

    @arismagic hey dude,

    sorry for taking so long to get back to you, havent been on arma for a while so hadnt had a chance to try this out.

    tried to get the mission working and was having issues,

    are you able to do a demo mission ?

    nothing fancy, just barebone vanilla so i can have a look at how you got it to work !

    Cheers pal

  16. Deleted 3 years ago by KiloRomeo
  17. anyone had any luck with arismagics script ?

  18. 2 years ago

    @KiloRomeo mate, I am really sorry for the extreme delay of my answer but I was deployed abroad! I will do my best to try and help you with my script (it may have many problems since I am far from expert) but I would need some more info to help! Can you contact me on Discord under A. Ares#3160 ?

    Again mate, I am really sorry for the extreme delay!


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