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    Every once in a while I see posts pop up about how to go about making a specific type of mission | ex. from the insurgent perspective, conventional vs conventional vs insurgents, and a few others.

    I am working on a mission for my small group that is from the insurgent perspective and I figured while I am at it I would go ahead and release that as a template and even make a few other templates if anybody is interested. I'll probably do conventional vs conventional vs insurgents even if nobody requests it here (because I have seen it requested before) but I would love to help somebody out if they are having trouble with any other type of mission (even if it is just getting started ex. simple head to head conventional war).

    Will edit as I add more

    Be sure to check out official sample missions here, all of the old ones have been updated and new ones have been added
    Sample missions


    Additional Missions

    [6,15,2015] AUTigerGrad made a few missions and was nice enough to let me link them. Check them out here!


    Current Templates

    Basic Template #1
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/dorls1992596s3d/ALiVE+Basic+Template+%231.rar#1.rar - Simple head to head conventional war containing a lot of useful information for new mission makers and ALiVE users
    Last updated: May 13th, 2015 (HaloJump script improvement and small improvement to base layout)

    Basic Template #2
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/s6u7m5o6r385nr6/ALiVE+Basic+Template+%232.rar#2.rar - Simple mission where CSAT is invading Stratis which is under NATO control. Very similar to the above mission but is converted to Invasion vs Occupation. Still contains useful functions and features for mission makers.
    Last updated: May 13th, 2015 (Small improvements to Halo Jump)

    Kunduz Insurgency
    - ALiVE Insurgency on Kunduz. No readme for how to setup an insurgency mission, will be added at a later time.
    Last updated: May 15, 2015, (Enabled tasking by default..will now generate tasks for blufor side automatically)

    Altis Full-Map Battle
    - NATO vs CSAT except over the entirety of the island of Altis
    Last updated: None

    Operation Landlord
    A whole-map battle over Altis where two factions fight head to head in a highly strategic war.

    Assault on Pyrgos
    CSAT has established a foothold in Pyrgos and is using it to insert troops. NATO cannot afford to let the city stay under enemy control for long.

    Armored Fury
    Conduct and support an armored assault on CSAT defences.

    Insurgency (Altis)
    A rebel uprising has broken out on the southwestern end of Altis, put an end to it. Beware of the rebel's attempting to recruit civilians, lay IED's, and ambush you.

    Triple Threat
    NATO, CSAT and AAF forces clash in a deadly conflict.

  2. I've thought about this myself as well... some basic templates covering the various possibilities with ALiVE. I know there are demo missions that cover this but I was thinking well-documented templates with notes for the mission maker.. perhaps a basic mission structure with description.ext, init.sqf, etc. Something that can be taken and tailored to each users needs.

    Curious to see what you come up with.

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    Those were my exact thoughts as well. I'll fill the init.sqf and description.ext with basic stuff like respawn and maybe the VAS script. My main goal would be to have the mission playable while still maintaining a basic,neat, and learnable template type form that can be copied or refigured. Hopefully I can achieve this and if not then I'll try to pick it up again once school is over around the 26th. The first mission will be released before that 100% guarenteed and will include some insurgent actions that can be used. I think the hardest part for that one would be keeping mod assets to a minimum so we'll see how that turns out.

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    Alright here is the first template to give an idea of what will be going on. This one covers a simple conventional vs conventional war where NATO and CSAT go head to head. It comes with some useful features such as VAS,BIS Arsenal, Selectable Assault missions (from ALiVE wiki), a few other things and a already done description.ext and init.sqf with some useful links aswell. Of course all of this should be edited to the needs of the user.
    I have also included a readme.txt with some tutorial-like information on how to use ALiVE and how to understand this mission. I should probably just make a more in-depth tutorial with the information I put in there since most of it is beginner information and the formatting in notepad is a little bit crazy lol.

    If anyone uses it please give feedback if something isn't clear.


    I'll uptate this if/as I make new things. I forgot to add my Halojump script So that'll be the first thing added.

  5. Awesome will check it out later

  6. Look forward to checking this out

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    Thanks guys, please give feedback if there is somehing I can clarify or improve. I really suck at explaining so I'm definetely open to changing stuff up.

    As for the readme.txt.. I am thinking about just turning that information and similiar into a video as it would be way easier to explain exactly how it works.

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    Added another mission, basically a conversion of the first mission to a scenario where CSAT is invading the defending NATO on the island of Stratis (As opposed to mutual invasion).....was planning on doing another in depth template but then 0.9.8 dropped and I lost the will to do so, lol. Atleast the basics are being covered.

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    This is fantastic guys! Exactly what i think the interested yet scripting deficient minded players need! - like myself.
    Please PLEASE keep going with this. Templates are extremely useful for quick adjustments to make a new mission for our needs, as well as to dissect and learn from!

    I am a 5 year player of Arma but can't script worth a damn. I have many great ideas for what I would like to do.. but find the documentation out there very overwhelming and confusing. there is information on all the available functions/commands/ whatevers.... but not enough tutorials/examples on how to implement them and make them all work together for a solid mission.

    thank you for doing this and please keep up the good work!

    I'll check out the templates tonight - and post back any thoughts

  10. Edited 9 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    No problem, if you are thinking of something specific just drop it here and I can definitely work towards that. Just to give everyone who might use these a heads up, going to be pretty busy until the 26th so progress on these might not be very much but after that I will have a lot of time and will pick it up full speed again.

    Just note I am not a scripting genius myself but I have developed a solid foundation of understanding for use in my own missions so I can put some basic things together. Try to bear through my attempted formatting in notepad aswell..

  11. some things that come to mind:

    respawn templates: I assume these would be in your current templates already but more specifically the way End Game handles it is probably the neatest most user friendly version I've seen. Base, group leader respawn is probably all any small group of players would need. respawning with the gear you had (with ammo replenished) would be a nice feature - unless the player chooses another kit from the gear selection menu - which is also a great feature.

    Calling in a UAV within the Alive support modules/tablet. and perhaps doing so could then ADD the ability to connect to it through the action menu. (trying to eliminate the need to carry so many different tablets and devices from the start)

    Multiple objectives to choose from when using auto-generate in C2ISTAR. (perhaps even using End Games systems to display them in the 3D world and on the Map) The player can then choose which one he wants, which will delete the others. Map and 3D world updates. When that objective is complete, then auto-generate will figure out a few more based on the new position / military data.

    sorry if these are straying from the simple templates you want to create. its starting to sound more like feature requests - but perhaps they will spark some ideas.

    once i see what you've done in the template so far I'll send more constructive feedback.

  12. Edited 9 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    It's all good, any ideas are good ideas. I'm doubtful about #2 since UAV's are not crewed. I could try making a sort of addAction sort of system to call in UAV support but I'm not sure how it would work without having a crew for the UAV.

    If you use VAS you can already hit a button to respawn with fully replenished gear. I think ALiVE has this system tied in with the Multispawn module and are working to separate it for easier use.

  13. oh. I didn't realize alive can only deal with crewed vehicles. That would explain why it wasn't an option when it would seem to make logical sense for "support"

  14. Edited 9 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    Actually it does seem possible to use a UAV since there is a UAV unit that acts without the need of a crew. Seems to work fine, follows commands. I'll test a little more later if possible but all you have to do is place the UAV classname in the ALiVE CAS module. Definitely something I can include in an update/templates to come.

    Edit: Appears fully functional in Combat Support (CAS) Module

  15. look forward to seeing the UAV in Combat Support! Is this something that you can pass along to be implemented by default if it all works as planned?

    Great template by the way! Perfect starting point and written explanation for beginners.
    I would only add to the end of step 5, the reason it doesn't place units in the opposing factions TAOR marker. (eg because you've defined that BLU_F units will only occupy the BLU marker in the Placement modules)

    great work! thank you. I look forward to further iterations

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    Thanks for the feedback, and yeah I'll probably use this in a lot of my own missions so I can implement it in the templates aswell. One thing I'm wondering about.. do you think that a lot of this info would work better in a video, if so I could try to make a video that accompanies each template to better explain how it all fits together

    Or do you think the written explanation is enough.

  17. I think a video is more work than perhaps its worth in this case. But I would transfer what you have here to a PDF with accompanying visuals/screen grabs right next to the corresponding text. the text document is hard to read/follow at times.

    as a beginner its easier to follow written step by step explanations because you can go at your own pace and figure things out. whereas a video you'd have to keep pausing and going back to watch a section over and over.

    However, where i think a video would be useful is in showing comparisons and difference between settings. for example: with all modules already placed, here's how setting X looks. Now lets change setting X and see how that effects the world.
    or if you've got a really cool feature in a template then you can show in a video how that works, and whats the result. Sometimes that is easier than trying to explain a course of events in text.

    my two cents

  18. Once again thanks for the feedback, will be really useful going forward

  19. Spyder, I noticed the Insertion option on the flag pole doesn't seem to work properly. I select - it says preparing the operation, or insertion (can't remember), then I appear on the ground where I selected (no HALO), and I lose command of my squad and end up part of a 13 man squad (not SL).
    I changed disabledAI = 0 so that I could play on my own.

    assume this is not the intention. or perhaps wasn't completed?

  20. Edited 9 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    Ooo.. you are using the ALiVE joingroup function which is tied to the action "Select Assault mission". I forgot which object the Halo insertion is tied to but ill take a look and try to clarify it when I get home later. It's possible I messed up the texts or maybe even the actions but not sure.

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