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  2. 8 years ago
    Edited 8 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    Pretty sure I enabled persistence for each mission. I did disable AI (should probably change that once I update them). If you can't get it, let me know and I'll go back and update Operation Landlord real quick so that it supports friendly AI and ensure it has persistence setup.

    To open and create .pbo files you can use a program such as PBO Manager to do it rather easily.

    (Wow this thread is long now)

  3. Spyder, I have a lot of learning to do before I feel comfortable editing your PBO's and dropping modules. Operation Landlord is specifically the mission I'd like to play the most if you could edit it for me (us). I'd actually like to run through the entire OP at some point but for now, that one stands out as a nice, long term mission I can get lost in.

    (Sorry for making the thread so long. I hope that shouldn't deter me from posting here but I get it if you guys like to keep the place tidy).

  4. Edited 8 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    I'd actually like to run through the entire OP at some point but for now

    Good luck :)

    (Sorry for making the thread so long. I hope that shouldn't deter me from posting here but I get it if you guys like to keep the place tidy).

    That's exactly what the thread is for. I kind of wish we had more of these for other topics.

    I'll edit the mission and have it up soon.

  5. Ha! Nice! Thanks. I can't wait!!! Just to clarify (my terminology is terrible), I'm not asking you to remove any end-game state if there already is one. I actually like the idea of actually trying to "beat" something but it's totally cool too if the mission(s) go on and on. When I say "persistent" I just mean compatible with saving on my dedi in WarRoom so I can save and resume my progress.

    You guys are the best. I'm so glad I registered.

  6. Here she is


    • Should be compatible with persistence
    • Allowed use of AI in multiplayer
    • Added "Select Assault Mission" action to map
    • Added armored vehicles to base for player use
    • Added ability for player to recruit AI (action located on flagpole in base)

    There is no real endgame to it, however if you eventually push through most of the enemy territory and stop getting assigned tasks you can assume you crushed the opposition.

  7. :) Now this is why I won't be buying Fallout 4 for some time. I'm so incredibly excited. Thanks so much Spyder.

  8. Spyder, this one is packed a little differently. I don't see a PBO. What do I place in the MP Missions folder?

  9. It was inside a .rar file created by winar. Here is a direct .pbo

  10. Edited 8 years ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    Spyder, I only got a chance to play this for about a half hour (I'm having problems with getting War Room to detect my server. I'll post in my other thread here soon), a couple things jumped out at me.

    1. All 12 slots seem to be filling nicely, but is there any way to dismiss my AI teammates for smaller operations? I generally have no problem in single player doing this (F key>dismiss) but the option doesn't show up.

    2. It doesn't seem this mission (or AuTigergrad's for that matter) is running a revive script. And the option to compel my medic to heal me or my teammates doesn't appear (and generic F1>Injured does nothing either. And no heal option appear when I click FMedic). Also, teamswitch doesn't seem to be enabled either (I see there's no debug on the ESC screen) so how do I force the medic to heal?

    3. I think this may be a symptom of my larger War Room issue but I'll ask any way. Is it intended for me to not have Admin Actions on my tablet? It doesn't show up. When I started the mission, my first task was 9KM away and during the entire journey, there were no civilians or enemies anywhere. Finally near the objective there was a small enemy presence but I was hoping to teleport and ghost around the map just to make sure the mission was working correctly.

  11. 1. Open the ALiVE menu by hitting app key. Select "Operations" and then "Personnel". This will bring a group management menu where you can select AI in your group and dismiss them.

    2. Most revive scripts have basicaly stopped being updated and are broken. If you want to put one in, you can, but it might cause issues. I could be wrong but I don't think teamswitch works in MP.

    3. To have access to admin actions you must be logged into the server as admin. You can do this by (once ingame) hitting "/" to open chat and then typing #login password. With password being the one you set for the admin in TADST.

  12. Awesome. Thanks man. But how do I compell my medic to heal me/himself/my teammates? I have no problem in SP missions commanding my AI to heal but it seems different in ALiVE.

  13. Not sure as I don't use AI. ALiVE shouldn't change this however, are you running @ace?

  14. On your mission no. On AuTigergrad's yes (it's required).

    Typically, in SP vanilla, you can just click F1 and click injured and the medic will automatically come over and heal you. Or F"medic number" to get the option for him to either heal himself or to heal another person by looking at the injured player.

    Any time I run ALiVE I can never figure out how to do this. F1>injured and the medic doesn't do anything. F"medic" and there's no option to ask him to heal.

    It's strange. I know a lot of people play ALiVE alone with AI so I must be missing something obvious. It just seems like without a teamswitch option, revive script or option to compell the medic to actually be a medic, the missions wouldn't be very playable so it must be me. Until I can figure it out, I'll try to play as the medic myself. This stuff is kind of moot anyway at the moment because I still can't figure out how to connect my server to the War Room. LOL!

    Thanks for all the help Spyder.

  15. So my very first task was to pick up some friendly troops and drop them off at a to-be-determined location. I decided to drive to the mission marker. When I arrived the AI squad leader and his troops just stood there. After a minute or two the next step in the task unlocked (the drop off location) but the AI squad wouldn't get in my vehicle or the heli I called in for transport. How am I supposed to properly do this task? Under Personel a TON of options were there but it isn't clear to me how to do this. Sorry to ask you to babysit me here. LOL!

    Spyder, could you also do me a favor and see if the mission is populated the way you intend? No hurry. The whole map just seems empty. If this is intended because of Altis and performance, could you port this to a smaller map or recommend me another mission?

  16. I tried to keep the unit volume low enough so that the mission played well on my machine (lower medium range machine). I can increase the unit count in the future but performance may drop a bit.

    There was one other report with units not complying in the "Pickup" task, possibly bugged.

    For personnel, find the group in the list that you are in. Click on an AI unit under the same group tag as you (ex. tag: B Alpha 1-1). Once selected, two buttons will pop up in the lower left of the tablet, hit "Leave Group" and the AI should leave the group.

  17. I'll check it out. Thanks. I hate to keep spamming you but in regards to your new (and damn incredible!) conversation script. I'm playing Autigergrad's Royal Marines Kunduz mission (dude it's awesome), and when I talk to the civilians, I get a message that a place of interest has been marked on my map. Except nothing shows up either in the normal map or the map through the tablet. Is your script working the way you intended?

  18. Yes it should be working fine. However I've migrated that project into an addon format as opposed to a script so the script version is basically unsupported now. I'll take a look at it over the weekend to make sure, thanks for letting me know. It's not finished yet either, hopefully some cool improvements to come.

  19. Edited 8 years ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    It's an excellent addition.

    I'm not sure if it helps or not, but the very first time I got the notification that a task had been added to my map it did actually appear. Regular map (ESC key).

    I went wondering around for a bit and then decided to check my map and the location had disappeared. I decided to do some further testing on this and went around talking to as many civilians I could find to see if that problem was just an odd bug. Unfortunately, every time there after (I'd say three more tasks), when I received a notification that a location had been added to my map, nothing had actually been added at all.

    So yeah, hope that helps.

    Anyway, please update this thread with any missions you make or update. I'm trying to find the perfect mission for me. The more options the better. :) Thanks so much for everything. Tonight was a blast. ALiVE is a remarkable accomplishment.

  20. I'll post my Vanilla/CSAT Modification Altis full map ALiVE Battlefield sometime this weekend.

  21. The location is supposed to disappear after 30s (so if you want to keep it in your mind, you can double click on that location and create a reminder marker. If it didn't delete itself there would be no way to remove it (Markers created through scripts can't be deleted by players).

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