CTI persistence MP mission with AliVE ?

  1. 3 years ago

    I want to make a MP persistence mission like this.

    1.NATO force start with a small squad(player, 8~15 player) and don't have any base.
    2.Then they will attack and secure a small OPFOUR FOB, when done, base will initial up and AI commander also start to work with platoon light infantry.
    3.Map will show up whole map about occupation situation(what owner with area, when we capture Town, there will a color or something to show NATO own that area).
    4.We can join our main squad or do some side mission(all mission have some award).
    5.When we capture some high value target, we can expand our force and capability.(Like capture a port can start to gain convoy reinforcement and logistics, or capture airport to open AI commander use CAS support capability etc...)
    6.Final object is destroy Enemy's main base.(or capture whole island)

    It will very similar like official "The East Wind" campaign, begin with small and slowly get stronger.
    It's there some mission like this? Or just give me some opinion about how to make my condition come true?
    Is this mission can done with ALiVE alone? Or will add some another mod to do that? (like use official capture section game mode module)

    Thanks guy :)

  2. I would think most of this can be done with ALiVE (with additional scripting) except for your initial startup (NATO force starting with no base, etc). You might need to do that mission separately.

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    @SavageCDN I would think most of this can be done with ALiVE (with additional scripting) except for your initial startup (NATO force starting with no base, etc). You might need to do that mission separately.

    I start to study solution with [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta) . Hope I can combined this two and make my dream come true.

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    There might well be a way to do the initial bit actually. The thing that would be a challenge would be increasing force size the more places you capture. As it stands, your force pool (the total reinforcements available to a side) will increase if you have reinforcements set up as dynamic in the mil logistics module, but this won't affect the number of overall units on the ground.

    This script snippet could help because each profile that gets spawned increases the number of units opcom logistics will replace, meaning more virtual boots on the ground: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Script_Snippets#Spawn_.26_Profile_Group_Script_By_Jman .

    I think you'll have to do a bit of scripting to get it all working as you like but there's certainly scope. #2 and #5 are probably the bits you'll have to set up with your own scripts but shouldn't be too complex given the script snippet above. There's a really useful script by @SpyderBlack723 here that can hook into the ALiVE auto-tasking and would allow you to run custom code when a mission completes. You could run that, and then when a task completes, providing a FOB has been captured (which you can determine with this snippet), you could spawn a new profile at the FOB or dock or wherever. The OPCOM commander will then take that group and use it for nefarious purposes.

    (Choose your tasks by using staticData ).

    Have a read through all those links and if you have any more specific questions or need any more advice, fire away.

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    Also, in terms of showing sectors, simply leaving the blufor OPCOM module with debug on would possibly show which sectors need capturing. Or the C2ISTAR module would probably have you covered if you set intel level to its highest setting. In terms of joining your main squad, have a look at the script snippets as I think there's some stuff there that you can use to determine attacking squads. Also, using the Operations tablet in "Commander Actions" in the ALiVE menu would allow you to send squads to attack certain objectives which you can then join in with. I don't think you'll have too much trouble achieving everything you're after using ALiVE only and maybe some script snippets if you know how to code.

  6. 9 months ago

    Hello friends.... Does anyone knows that [God of Monkeys] has been successful with his attempt on this kind of mission or not ? Cause that Idea crossed my mind too....


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