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    I am starting to slowly get tired of having too many mods such as the RHS & CUP. I haven't tried making a mission on Vanilla Arma 3 with the mod, so I am wondering does it work efficiently with insurgencies on Vanilla? using the map Altis? If so, what kind of settings should I use for best FPS? I am looking at using some mods that are more cosmetic then anything, and Russia 2035. It is going to be the AAF vs Insurgent FIA vs Russia. Wondering how best to set this up?

  2. Vanilla will give you the best possible results, because it removes the chances of possible conflicts from outside sources.

    As far as the best methods for making your mission, there really is no best way. Every mission concept is different. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best though.

  3. I do enjoy less conflicts, I was wondering if VCOM is okay to use as well?

  4. Yes. Just be sure to use the code at the bottom of this page otherwise it messes with combat support:

  5. Yeah as much as I enjoy using mods and find it hard to play without them, a vanilla ALiVE mission just works so much smoother

  6. I just can't...the Iranian Space Bugs....I... ....I..... I just can't.

  7. I never use them. I always play against the rebels and occasionally the AAF

  8. @AUTigerGrad I just can't...the Iranian Space Bugs....I... ....I..... I just can't.


  9. Ha +1 on that. The Vipers too. I mean, it's just so stupid.

  10. hahaha, I use to not be able to play without mods, but sometimes its better to have a good smooth game. I mean I play with the AAF vs FIA when playing vanilla.

  11. But I am using some sound mods, display mods, and the russia faction 2035 which isn't bad at all for working in ALiVE. @HeroesandvillainsOS @AUTigerGrad I heard they broke the Russian faction for RHS, is that fixed?

  12. @JD_Wang What kind of missions do you play against the rebels and AAF?

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    @Inspire1 The Russian RHS factions are fixed. I think we added a few new ones too. I have a post of complete RHS factions on the BI page, posted after the post about the last release. I can track it down if you can't find it.

  14. I love mods. I use a ton and vary it up between campaigns. To be quite honest...I've had little to no problems with ALiVE due to mod conflicts. So many great unit mods, AI mods, etc. out there for ARMA as well. Vanilla is lacking in many ways due to the great innovations such as ACE, ALiVE, etc. in my opinion.

  15. @HeroesandvillainsOS Is that on the Wiki Page for ALiVE in the excel sheet?

  16. @AUTigerGrad I would love for the Insurgencies to eventually be able to capture vehicles and weapons from armies and use them against them. Or even a money system to supply arms. But that seems like a more in depth style.

  17. @AUTigerGrad Have you ever beaten an Insurgency Campaign?

  18. @Inspire1 @HeroesandvillainsOS Is that on the Wiki Page for ALiVE in the excel sheet?

    No. Here you go:

    RHS compatible factions:





    I think rhs_faction_insurgents might work too but please don't quote me on that. Test it first. They may have a problem with vehicles or something? I can't remember why I left them off the list TBH.

  19. @Inspire1 @AUTigerGrad Have you ever beaten an Insurgency Campaign?

    Ha! I know you're asking him, but every time I start one in earnest I either notice something and open a ticket and wait, or add some amazing feature I always wanted (like drones) and start over. Lol.

    It's a horrible cycle. :)

    I think we completed an insurgency on FATA on his server once. I don't play with them too often but I remember one night we were at the tail end so I'd assume he at least beat that one.

  20. @inspire1 Yes I've "Beaten" a couple. But honestly, it's hard to really win an insurgency campaign. Just ask the United States, UK, Germany, Spain, etc. who have been fighting an insurgency in Afghanistan for 16 years now. In soon as the ISAF forces left..the Taliban have gone right back in and taken most of the country back from the ANA.

    Getting back to ALiVE though...the biggest obstacle right now for me is the lack of Blufor reinforcements moving out after persistent server saves. So because of the lack of Blufor units in most of the map now...Insurgents are spawning like rabbits.

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