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  1. 11 months ago

    I'm having real trouble defining groups with the ORBAT creator and actually having them work via the description.ext

    I must be missing something. All I've done is delete the Armour groups from Project OPFOR's ISIS independants so instead of 3 heavy tanks they have 1 tanks and some infantry. Basically I've made it so there's no group of tanks just a single tank with some infantry as the group.

    Then I exported it and added it to the description.ext as it says in the wiki for group changes.
    No weapons have changed or anything.

    But still when I run the mission I have groups of 3 T72's rolling round the map. The change to the description.ext seems to do nothing at all.

    Normally I just place the single tank + infantry groups on the map and turn off armour spawning, but I thought for once it would be nice to not know as the mission maker how many, and approximately where the tanks were in this mission.


    There's a link to my description.ext any help would be very much appreciated. I've never been able to get this working so I assume I'm messing something up big time.

  2. You could perhaps try naming the faction differently e.g. JD_LOP_ISTS_OPF
    instead of LOP_ISTS_OPF and put that in the modules instead.

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    Make your own, additional groups as @marceldev89 suggested, and then blacklist the original groups from being placed. We've done exactly this, I'll post our configs when I'm home from work.

    Edit: Just remembered that our older missions has the same setup, just not with LOP_ISTS_OPF:



    ALiVE Blacklist


  4. I think just changing the faction name will work. Other people have reported this and I'm fairly sure this is the simplest solution.

  5. Cool thanks everyone, will give this a shot tonight

  6. I've had this same issue which was fixed by renaming the faction, though also making sure there was no CFGFaction in my description.ext... Though, appears you don't have that

  7. So if I just do a find/replace of LOP_ISTS_OPF and replace it with JD_LOP_ISTS_OPF and then go change all my modules to that I should be gold right?

  8. Well it appears to be randomly working now even without renaming anything.

    Just going to chalk that up to ARMA being ARMA and my own incompetence.


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