Dedicated Windows Server Persistence Issues

  1. 11 months ago

    Hello everyone, need a little insight as I have hit a roadblock on what to try next.

    ALiVE is running on a supported Windows 'game server'. We're only using ALiVE and CBA. alive.cfg is located in ARMA3 root folder.

    What works:
    War Room player and group stat tracking. War Room 'Recent Operations' will show our info as well.

    What does not work:
    Mission/Task/Player persistence after a server reboot. Also, an error message on player login stating that their profile could not be downloaded because something is wrong or they are not signed up.

    All the required and correct ALiVE modules are in place on the map AND set for persistent --on the ones that allow that option. The mission is the basic quick start one from the Wiki tutorial.

    When I do the ALiVE Admin Save and Exit option, I see the tablet show up, some messages scroll down the screen about it saving and it kicks me to the games lobby. But, after a server reboot and re-login back to the server -everything is reset as if it were a fresh start.

    Server and Plugin Logs

    Hoping someone can help!

  2. @marceldev89 @Tupolov

  3. The RPT doesn't show anything related to saving the server state. Besides that, C2ISTAR generated tasks aren't persisted as far as I know.

  4. Tupolov

    18 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Looks like data is loaded ok, there are some minor errors.

    We have seen some instances where players are not restored on original connect, but are restored if they abort and rejoin. We have pushed a fix into dev this week for that issue.

    Also noticed some errors on logistics, so are vehicles getting restored to the correct place?

    How do you know profiles etc are not restored? It looks like the data and OPCOM objectives are loaded.

    Tasks are not persisted.

  5. highhead

    18 Jul 2017 Administrator


    Thanks for the structured report! We can work with that!

    Please check for the following:

    • Is virtual AI restored (turn on admin/modules/vAIC debug before save and after reload)
    • Is player logistics restored (put down a weapon on ground and see if it gets restored)
    • is player restored (no according to your Message, try disconnecting via "abort"-button not "player exit "and rejoin, we fixed some stuff in there which is not yet live)
    • is markers restored (put down a marker with ctrl+click and save it)

    with these information we can trace it down a lot easier!


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    Markers are ctrl + alt +click

  7. highhead

    18 Jul 2017 Administrator

    thx - yeah


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