Alive Helicopter Taskings

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    Hey guys. I'm trying to make an alive mission where you play as a helicopter pilot that ferrys in troops and supplies to the battle. I tried doing it with the C2ISTAR tasking thing, but it made very stupid insertions like making me insert 10 km in front of the furthest friendly troops into the middle of the CSAT airbase that's surrounded by 20 groups, like wtf. I really hope this is possible because I love just sitting back and flying helos, but also feel like I'm contributing to the greater war effort. Is there a way to give me logical pick up and land tasks, similar to just being the combat support transport pilot and logistics pilot?

    Another unrelated question, how can I get the air component commander to give me taking? It just gives me ground tasking instead.

  2. That task has always been very finicky, if another dev continues dynamic tasking work in the future then it may improve.

  3. I find these never actually trigger properly. Only 4 people will get in and "pick up" never completes, or nobody gets in. Love helo logistics so only being able to complete it 1 time in 10 is disappointing

  4. Yeah that would be great since most Helo pilots wait for 1-2hours during an op... Slingload cargo from a friendly fob to another fob or unit in the field would be great... or insert blufor ai troop etc.

  5. 11 months ago

    Did you set the C2ISTAR module to task you with 'Strategic' tasks? The Strategic tasks would mean you're being tasked with the same battle plan the AI Commander is giving troops. Whereas the old C2ISTAR module tasked you with just randomly assigned tasks that take nothing on the battlefield into account.

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