Prei Khmaoch Luong index

  1. last year

    Index for the upcoming release of Prei Khmaoch Luong, so keep this handy for when it does:

    Place the x folder in your mission root for now until this is officially included in an upcoming ALiVE release. Mission makers, I'd recommend keeping MIL obj spawns to infantry only due to the complex bunker/tunnel system, and manually placing all tracked groups needed for the mission to avoid vehicle spawns spawning in odd spots and exploding. This probably goes for any Vietnam/Cambodian themed map regardless but figured I'd point this out incase.

  2. @HeroesandvillainsOS Thank you for making the index and showing me this truly stunning map! I noticed however that the CQB module only seem to detect houses in the south west part of the map, and no strategic points at all. Is this an issue with the map itself or the index?

  3. Hey no problem!

    We’ll most likely have a new index for the map out soon. I’ll pass this along and see if anything can be done. It really depends on the type of enterable structures the map has available.

  4. Awesome! hopefully at least the bunkers in the various bases count as "enterable" so I can ensure there will be some properly entrenced enemies as well =)

    I also noticed that 2 large military bases to the east, and a few small "base"-ish areas ( one to the south west and one in the center) don't get picked up at all by the milobj-module so feel free to add that to the list. (using custom in the meantime)

    Thanks again for the hard work!

  5. 11 months ago


    Trying to build up an ALiVE file for the map, and trying to hunt down an Index.
    Is there a mirror of the earlier link, it seems to have 404'd on me.
    Otherwise, are there any plans to update the index in the near future?

  6. The index is included in the ALiVE mod and should work automatically.

  7. @HeroesandvillainsOS The index is included in the ALiVE mod and should work automatically.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I'll give it another go, chances are I may have just messed up my ORBAT.

  8. 10 months ago

    The index on this map isnt working correctly. Most of the locations do not actually spawn even though it shows them when a placement module is set to debug.

  9. I use this map w Unsung and Alive without issue, unless there was a map update that broke something in the last 20-days or so.

    Great map but not alot of LZ locations, so gotta hump it.

    Good day!

  10. Can you confirm that civilians are being placed at all indexed civilian map locations?

  11. No, not around every village, you are correct about this. Most of the civs do spawn at the large village towards the middle of the map, but there are still a few spotty civs populations around the map, both east and west of the village.

    Could be a lot better, I agree with you in that regard. Seems an issue with some of the villages around the map - something to do with the type of structures or something.

  12. Yeah I brought this up a few months ago and HeroesandVillians said it probably needed to be reindexed although he didnt have the time to personally do it at the moment.. I was wanting to get around to it. It's a very well made map.

  13. I actually looked into it a bit when we talked and the map hasn’t updated since the map was indexed. And Highhead (lead Dev) indexed it himself so I can’t really see how the index could be the issue. Just seems like a waste of time to do it again IMO.


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