Insurgency and spyder addons questions

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  2. 6 years ago

    Never tried so not sure. Would probably be simple to test out and quick too depending on how often you tend get reinforced in your op.

  3. Did it and I dont see any issues. Although I am having this happen:
    We will hear gunshots in a town that keep going until we kill the guy. When we head over, we will see 1 dead insurgent guy ususlly and another with a gun. This has happened to us twice now. Is this something intentional?

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    I’m having a hard time following. Can you Zeus around the next time it happens so you can see what’s going on exactly? Or if you know exactly what’s happening, can you describe it in a clearer way?

  5. Sorry for the late response. I'm still trying to figure out what happens, but I got a screenshot of the aftermath and I'll try and explain it better this time.
    Usually when we spawn in a town and start playing again, or come back to a town, we'll hear many shots from part of the town when no other friendlies are around. We'll head over and almost always find an enemy insurgent standing over another enemy insurgents body, or the alive insurgent will try and move away. Same thing happened again last night, and this time the alive insurgent was standing over the dead ones body and it looked like he was accessing his inventory until we shot him. We heard many, many shots go off and even a grenade.

    I did though last night go into spectator mode when I heard many shots. This time it was a civilian terrorist heading towards us, but he would shoot random shots occasionally (when we were out of sight) almost to make himself known. I don't know if this is their intended behavior and when they do this they acidentally shoot their friend, causing him to shoot back. I'll keep trying to find out what is happening.

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    Hmm still not sure I follow you. I don’t really know what you mean when you say “ALiVE insurgent” and “enemy insurgent” or how these are different from each other.

    Civs can definitely arm themselves if their hostility gets high enough, so what you’re seeing may be intended. But at this point I think just so things are clear, seeing this is probably better than reading it.

    Can you capture and share a video? @deimer

  7. I think by "alive insurgent" he means the one that is not dead :)

  8. Aha lol.

    I’m still not understanding his post though.

  9. I'll try and record it, but is it common for armed civilians to shoot any other civilian terrorists or enemy insurgents?

  10. @deimer I'll try and record it, but is it common for armed civilians to shoot any other civilian terrorists or enemy insurgents?

    Sure, if civ hostility has increased enough. TBH I’ve actually never had this happen to me, but I’ve seen videos and I know that’s how the system works. That’s what civ hostility does.

  11. @JD_Wang your civ shooty shooty video is gone from the YouTubes??? :(

  12. Sorry I deleted a whole bunch of videos from that channel, it might be on here though

  13. That must be what's happening to me then.

  14. That must be what's happening to me then.


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