A Few Insurgency Questions

  1. 8 months ago

    So I've made an insurgency mission and have a couple questions regarding hostility and installations.

    1) How does civilian hostility rise? I've set BLUFOR hostility to Low/Medium to try and get a more tension build up feel, but I'm not sure how hostility can rise. I've read that insurgents can employ civilian saboteurs to target buildings, causing hostility to rise, but so far the insurgents seem to just be creating Recruitment HQ's, Depots and Roadblocks. Is there any other way hostility can rise? I always find civs with suicide vests, but the hostility is too low for them to be a threat.

    2) My second question is, do insurgents deploy certain tasks depending on hostility? As mentioned before, the hostility for BLUFOR is set to Low and the insurgents seem to be just creating Recruitment HQ's primarily. Does it also depend on the hostility of the insurgents too?

    3) My final question is about the hostility debug. Does the hostility debug (via asymmetric OPCOM) show hostility towards the security forces or the insurgents? Also, I've noticed that when there are friendly troops in an area, the debug shows a positive value in red, but a negative value and green when no friendlies are in the area, what do these mean?

    Thanks in advance and thank you Dev team for the great mod! :)

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    FYI a lot of what I know about hostility is from asking questions and seeing video and stuff like that. I haven’t seen really ever seen any of this neat sounding civs shooting players in-game in game myself, but I know it can happen (been meaning to text XTREME hostility some time for fun though lol). So go ahead and feel free to run some experiments!

    Civ hostility will rise if civ buildings are destroyed or blown up, if IED’s detonate, if civs are killed, if you tak to the same civ too often (talk to Town elder, etc). Civ hostility lowers by patrolling areas, deactivating IED’s, safely disabling HQ’s, and I THINK killing insurgents.

    I also am pretty sure a super hostile civ will physically arm themselves by walking into a weapons depot.

    I really should run a test to see this stuff in action myself. :) Maybe you’ll enjoy that too. Set hostility to extreme towards BLU and blow up some shit, shoot some civs in the face while you’re at it, and teleport and Zeus around and see what happens.

    Anyway, as far as I’m aware, insurgemt commanders will always place a priority on establishing HQ’s, roadblocks and recruiting civs. Whether this shifts over time, I’m again not sure though I don’t see why it would. It’s an effective strategy for early and end game.

    I do recall asking the same thing about hostility debug markers but will have to search again for the answer. @SpyderBlack723 happens to know quite a bit about all this though so maybe if he is ever free he can shoot you a reply on all this.

  3. I'm definitely sure that civs collect weapons/bombs regardless of hostility. I've come across dozens of friendly civs who were carrying suicide vests. I've also come across a civ who was prone on a mountain side overlooking a mine wearing a suicide vest, my guess is again he didn't actually blow it up due to his hostility being low. I have a hard time actually getting interesting things to happen because I treat the civs so well! So was hoping maybe the insurgents caused hostility to rise too, not just players being reckless.

  4. The first time we came across hostile civs (I usually start them off at either max hostility or 1 step below. I feel we should have to "earn their trust" so to speak) our landrover had just run over a mine and we were waiting for one of the guys to medevac via chopper to get patched up and then come back with some more wheels for us.

    A civilian walks up the road towards us, jumps up into the vehicle we were standing next to, mans the .50cal and slowly starts turning it towards us. It did not end well for him.


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