Question about number of objectives and performance 32bit vs 64bit

  1. 10 months ago

    I've seen somewhere in the forum, some comments about the warning message generated by ALiVE when the number of objectives for the OPCOM is bigger than 80. I don't remember who talked about this message but i remember that this message is older, wen Arma 3 didn't not have 64 bit exe.

    Now the question: Arma 3 and ALiVE had many updates that improved so much the performance, is recommended yet maintain objectives below 80 for every OPCOM's in 32 bits or it does not matter anymore?

    Have the developers reached any consensus?

  2. It's more about CPU performance than memory usage I believe. But if your machine can handle it you can definitely increase the number of objectives and ignore the warning.

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    I typically try to hold it under 120. The more objectives there are, the more work OPCOM has to do when scanning and making appropriate decisions. Having too many objectives can slow OPCOM down and lead to less real-time decision making.

  4. Thank you Marcel and Spyder for the explanations!

    I have one simple question: I'm writing an invasion mission in Altis where the beginning is the USS Freedom. Enemies have all objectives of the island dominated and my faction only has a mil objective configured to 200 units in the Freedom, but set for objectives only. My focus is to grow the faction over time. ( using dynamic force Pool)

    As progress advances, will OPCOM automatically call troops to place them on objectives? I did some quick tests and it looks like I have to do this manually calling reinforcements and waiting for OPCOM distribute. Its okay if i do that but if these troops all die? The OPCOM will call replacements or I'll have to take care of this part too?


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    If the objectives are synced to the OPCOM module it should assign at least one group to defend each objective. This may take a few minutes as OPCOM moves through its decision cycle.

  6. Sorry for jumping in, but have a question in the same vein as yours OP, didn't seem appropriate to make new thread - hopefully you agree.

    I have an Alive campaign on Altis, vanilla everything, and has about 496 objectives with some 700+ issues yet (I might have the reversed - whatever!). Running on dedicated server with silky smooth performance (meaning about 40fps - yes silky smooth for me and ARMA).

    However, wondering if this may cause issues later, or will objectives decrease once they have been met?

    BTW: should have done the dedi server thing a loooooong time ago. Just makes Arma run with much better FPS than local hosting or SP.

    Good day!

  7. What numbers do you guys normally set?

    I only use Company Size (200) for Mil and Civ Placement and 5 simultatnous attacks

  8. There really is no right or wrong number. A lot is going to depend on taste, player numbers and the size of the AO.


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