A few ALiVE issues.

  1. 10 months ago

    Hey all. I have a few issues I have been dealing with in the last mission I made. Its on Altis. Modlist is as follows:

    So here are the issues that im running into.
    First, I have vehicles spawning in on both sides that when they uncache, they explode and cookoff thanks to ACE. Is there anything I can do about this? It is every mission ive made for ALiVE. Ground and Air vehicles do this. Not every one, just some.

    Next, and this is a recent issue, more groups are spawning than I set. Currently I set them to 60 profiles per side. But they look like this.
    The album link has all the photos related to my settings, what the profiles currently look like, and the TOAR areas.

    If anyone has any tips or help. I would highly appreciate it. Thanks.

    BTW ALiVE is currently updated to the newly released version as of 8/31/2018

  2. I think what you describe with the first issue of exploding vehicles comes from the spawning of vehicles in bad spots... ie buildings on walls etc. I didn't think it was an issue on Altis, but I know on Lythium, I have to turn off spawn random vehicles.

  3. @Repo there isn't a link to the album you're referring to. :(

  4. Edited 10 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    Groups are not going to spawn in the exact numbers you set. I think each objective will spawn a group so the larger the map/playable objective area, the more groups that will spawn.

    If you want exact numbers, you have to manually place the groups.

  5. @DrDetroit what kind of dedi are you using? Something like FAST or TADST? Just curious. I think I want to run one again.

  6. Your post made me curious about the vehicle bursts as I was having the same problem on a server with friends.

    I removed mod by mod, script by script and it was really the place ambient vehicles + place air assets.

    I deactivated these options, put the vehicles manually and apparently the problem was solved.

    Now I will test with ace after a saved persistence to see if there is any influence of it in the spawn.


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