Hold AI simulation when everyone quits without shutting down the mission

  1. 6 months ago

    Hi all! So, I'm editing my ALiVE scenario, which is meant to be played between specific game sessions, meaning it will be a 24/7 scenario on my server. Now, I'm 99.9% percent sure I've seen somewhere (I HAVE NO GOD DAMN IDEA WHERE I SAW IT) an option to pause the simulation of the AI when everyone quits (while having persistent = 1; in server.cfg, so that the mission won't shut down, but the AI is put on hold). The reason I want it is because, as far as I know, only a logged in admin can save ALiVE progress while quitting the mission (so if it shuts down automatically with persistent = 0; it won't save and if I leave persistent = 1; without pausing the AI simulation the war will continue without players on the server). Any idea where I've seen those options? There were like 3 of them, split between AI simulation and some other simulation (?) or something like that. Obviously they might not have been ALiVE options after all, but I'm sure I've seen them somewhere.

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    Yes, I'm certain it is in the C2ISTAR module. Could be Alive Required or Alive Data. Check thouse too if not in C2ISTAR.

    I set mine to pause when no players, but what is this server .cfg file? Can you explain where it should go (in mission PBO or server) and what code I need? My mission seems to run and save persistance pretty good, but maybe the server.cfg will help with some persistence issues.

    I just started running a dedi a few months ago, so still cutting my teeth on it abd learning. So I appreciate your help alot!!!

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    It's in Alive (Required)
    http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/ALiVE_(Required )

    also usable via script:

    @DrDetroit - the server.cfg file he is referring to is for A3 dedicated servers (not specific to ALiVE). There is a line you can add there to enable server persistence (and I believe this is required for ALiVE persistence).


  4. 5 months ago

    Thanks Savage! Appreciate it!!


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