help with Ai on runway

  1. 5 months ago

    I was wondering if anyone had anytips on how to keep the airfield clear of Ai friendlies because they always seem to spawn and patrol the runway blocking any takeoffs. Id still like them around the base to patrol but not the runway. any suggestions ?

  2. I always put a marker around any location players will be operating out of, airfield, base, and so forth, then blacklist it.

  3. SavageCDN

    Feb 5 Moderator

    More info here:

  4. 4 months ago

    Did you manage to get anywhere with this? I'm having the same issue with the Southern Takistan airbase

  5. Edited 4 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    Don’t let friendlies spawn in your bases. Or, when I do it, I blacklist the base and place a custom objective there instead, spawn a group or two with that, and place it out of the way.

  6. Yeah every base I build has a TAOR marker over it so I can blacklist friendlies, enemies and civilians, and then I place all my base guards and leave them unprofiled, usually invincible and manning weapons with infinite ammo.

    It's a little "gamey" but there's nothing worse than having civs/OPFOR wandering around in your base


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