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  2. 9 years ago
    Edited 9 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    Yeah, the "Select assault mission" action brings up the map and shows all objectives currently being attacked/defended by showing a colored square over that area. When you click on an objective you are then inserted into a squad that is attacking/defending that objective. The "Halo insertion" action allows you to click on the map which will then transport you 2km into the air above that area. It also stores your backpack and gives you a parachute. Once you hit the ground you are given back your original backpack and all items inside.

    On another note, updated both missions with a slight improvement to the halo jump script and the display of actions at base.

  3. cool! cant wait to try them out tonight!

    As I play single player almost exclusively these days - can the halo insertion bring your Ai squad mates with you? Halo has always been a very cool/fun feature... but not when you have to wait for your squad mates to catch up using alternate transportation.

  4. I can try to take a look later (Working on a Kunduz Insurgency mission later). For a methods of actually Halo'ing the AI, I'll either go the route of transporting all squad members to you once you hit the ground (Much easier) or having them Halo with you (Much harder). I'll try to update it tonight if I have time.

  5. haha option 2 would be preferable, but understandably harder. anything is better than using combat support to pickup my guys and bring them to me!
    as a thought on option 2 - could you et it up so we all spawn in the air together, and by you selecting OPEN SHOOT in the action menu will also make them open their shoots? rather than having to script in an altitude to pull at? just a thought - maybe thats harder. IDK

  6. Added another one, this time it's ALiVE Insurgency on the newly indexed Kunduz map

  7. you're a machine! will check out tonight

  8. Ninja, I updated the first template with an improved HaloJump that teleports your AI squad to your location when you finish a Halo jump. This is only functional in SP. I tried to do the more complicated approach but just barely couldn't do it. I'll keep it in the back of my mind and see if I can finish it in the future.

  9. Amazing thank you. I'm almost home and will mess around with them soon. Definitely will be a cool feature but not really something for your tutorial templates - or maybe an advanced section?
    I'll keep my comments focused on the topic at hand. Don't want this thread straying to be a feature request thread.

  10. Edited 9 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    Just open a private conversation with me or add me on Skype (SpyderBlack723) if you want to continue talking or have more questions.

  11. hey spyder - just spent a few hours playing template 1 - great stuff. I attempted using the HALO insertion many times which works, however in single player and multiplayer my squad does not teleport to me once i land.

  12. Edited 9 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    Yeah if you play multiplayer (but by yourself), I'll have to change it a tiny bit since I set it to only work in singleplayer.

  13. Hi SpiderBlack723,

    thanks for the great mission templates, they are helping me alot.

    Do you have a Altis Template with two factions fighting over the whole island like the one on stratis ?

    I'm trying to make one but either one commander is way too strong or they do not have enough units to fight each other or there are too many units and the performance is horrible.

  14. First, glad the templates are helping you.

    And to answer your question, I have done a mission like that before but don't really have a vanilla template ready.. I'll start on one tomorrow.

    Performance will obviously depend on your computer but in the end, Altis is a massive island and to properly populate it will be taxing. Arma update 1.44 has significantly improved MP performance so I actually really want to revisit this concept.

    As for one commander being too strong, I guess I'll see for myself what's going on when I make the template. My first guess would be to force a certain amount of groups per side to even it out so one side doesn't get too many armor/mechanized groups.

    If all goes well maybe I can have template for this up tomorrow, for now im off to bed.. school in 5 hours :(

  15. Thanks for helping me out. I'm really struggling with a working Altis Template. :/

  16. Edited 9 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    Give this a shot http://www.mediafire.com/download/lqvdn4tx4rhav3v/ALiVE+Basic+Template+%234.rar#4.rar

    Filtered out low priority objectives for both the civ and mil placement modules to increase player and opcom performance. Seems balanced from my testing but you might wish to change it a bit more. The performance was great for me, even in singleplayer where it is usually abysmal. You can shift unit numbers up and down to fit your specific performance.

    I took like 3 minutes setting up the base so you will probably want to make a new one yourself. I'll pretty this mission up a bit for a more formal release which will (if it's good) be here alivemod.com/missions once I finish a few others.

  17. Thanks for the template!

    I'll test it after getting home from work. :)

  18. Looks like it is working as promised :)

    Do you know if it possible to force one commander to send troops to a certain location and give them a “defend“ order?

    It would be great if I can call in some troops after freeing a town from the enemies and let them defend the place.

  19. ah yes that would be a nice feature.
    I think the OPCOM recognizes when an objective is controlled by friendly's and does treat it as a 'hold', but i could be way off.

  20. Edited 9 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    I don't think so, they are working on fixing the task system a little bit. Soon™ after that, should be getting the ability to set player tasks (Created in C2ISTAR module) as actual Opcom objectives. This means that if you manually create a task then the Military AI Commander would send troops to help with that objective.

    Don't want to stir false hopes though so until a ticket discerning the issue gets assigned don't hold your breath.
    Heres the DH ticket: http://dev.withsix.com/issues/76214
    Also just realized it's set to future iterations, we'll see what happens post 1.0

  21. I'm most likely in the minority here, but I love the "Select Assault mission" option since I enjoy singleplayer Arma most whenever I'm thrown into an ai led squad. However, I do have a few issues and a few questions about those issues. I'm new to ALiVE in general, so you have to forgive me if these questions seem like they should be common sense.

    Picking an objective and getting there works well enough, but once the squad gets there they just proceed to do nothing but stand in place. Why is this? Are they set to defend the area? I'm not afraid of a little monotony, seeing as this is a sim, but literally standing in place forever is a bit much.

    If they are set to defend the area, and standing in place is their one method of doing so, is there any way to coax an ai led squad you're in to move to a different objective? Generating tasks doesn't seem to affect them.

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