Manual Server save hangs

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  2. 2 years ago

    Honestly, I'll try that. I tend to wonder about all the other configuraitons on the deidcated server and the impacts of soemthing not being right, but if im playing and Alive is working for most obvious things I guess it has to be right. Will report back.

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    Hang on, my commandline was trying out the "-servermod @aliveserver"; and i cant get that to work.

  4. OK, no, I cannot get the server to restore, it appears to save, but when it restarts, it goes back to the start of the mission. Its a different behaviour from before. The side effect is that when it resets, it also resets player persistence. Player persistence only works in session, but it does work, although it duplicated my avatar as an AI and left it standing there.

  5. Tupolov

    7 May 2016 Administrator

    whats your respawn setting?

  6. respawnOnStart = -1;
    respawn = 3;
    enableTeamSwitch = 0;
    respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"};
    respawnButton = 1;

  7. FWIW, the first demo mission I downloaded (operation Landlord) has RespawnOnStart = 0 so i dunno how these all test out OK, my understanding is that the respawn setting -1 is needed else player persistance isnt noticed because the unit respawns after death by runnign respawn script. Also not sure what player persistance/respawn has to do with the server not picking up its persistence on load...

    Can you send me a setup that works for persistence with a config/modset so i can break this down into the simplest form for testing?

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    FWIW, the first demo mission I downloaded (operation Landlord) has RespawnOnStart = 0 so i dunno how these all test out OK,

    Does this mission restore non-player persistence properly for you?

    Just to be thorough, have you tested this out with the latest version as well (both ALiVE and ALiVEServer

  9. @thebgpikester Hang on, my commandline was trying out the "-servermod @aliveserver"; and i cant get that to work.

    Not sure if this would be an issue but I have run into this before - some launchers/control panels don't like @aliveserver as it does not have the standard folder structure that other mods have - mainly no Addons subfolder. It sounds silly but if you can, create an empty 'Addons' subfolder under @aliveserver just to rule that out.

  10. Tupolov

    9 May 2016 Administrator

    @Tupolov Try Quick Start mission, as that defo works.

    then post logs.

  11. @SpyderBlack723 Yes:

    @thebgpikester Player persistence only works in session, but it does work, although it duplicated my avatar as an AI and left it standing there.

    @Tupolov @Tupolov Try Quick Start mission, as that defo works.

    I'm being stupid, but what quick start mission? I downloaded the demo ALiVE missions, is there something else I should try? Do you mean create a misison based on the quickstart tutorial here:

    @SavageCDN will give that a go, will be tomorrow before I can test.

  12. Tupolov

    10 May 2016 Administrator

    There is a mission built into ALiVE called Quick Start. On Stratis, run that as a dedi MP mission.

  13. ...

    I'm going to assume i'm being stupid again. But I think you've assumed i'm running a client.

    How do you get to the PBO of a mission that's embedded into the pbo of your mod? Your quickstart is available as SHOWCASE from the Arma3 UI. I'm running a dedicated server from a commandline. I need to write the mission name to server config and have it in the MP folder for it to be able to be tested on the dedicated server, I don't have access to a UI and there is no point in trying to test on a hybrid or fat client if i'm reporting an issue with a dedicated server.

    Are you guys not testing the software on dedicated servers?

  14. Tupolov

    10 May 2016 Administrator
    1. Setup your server on ALiVE War Room (follow the instructions), ensure your servers public IP is registered on War Room etc.
    2. In your server.cfg include persistent=1;
    3. Start your Dedicated server with the following mod params -mod=@CBA_A3;@aliveserver;@ALiVE; etc
    4. Start your Arma 3 client with the following mod params -mod=@CBA_A3;@ALiVE; etc
    5. Main Menu > Multiplayer > select your dedicated server > JOIN
    6. / #login yourpassword
    7. Maps > Stratis
    8. Missions > ALIVE | Quick Start (COOP 9)
    10. Select a slot (Squad Leader)
    11. OK
    12. When the map loads, if you have successfully saved a mission before with SPOTREPS, PATROLREPS, SITREPS or markers, they should be displayed on the map. The map diary should also include entries relating to the reports.
    13. CONTINUE
    14. A hint to the right hand side should appear stating your web profile has been loaded, if not persistence has failed.
    15. If you have saved a previous mission, then you should be restored to your last location with your last loadout.
  15. I need to do some config changes for mine then as I use autoinit to get the game auto load, thanks for the walk through will see how it goes.

  16. OK it works exactly how you describe, theres some differences in server setup between this and mine, but we get a server save as is designed. As mentioned I got player save in session so its around the server save and restart theres something happening. Here's the differences Ive got so far:

    1. Respawning is completely different, I need to check your description.ext and see if it works with my types which is the classic respawn point after timer. I suspect this is not a factor.
    2. When doing a server save, the quickstart mission actually exits and stops and returns to the mission select screen. In mine it does not. see 3 below...
    3. Autoinit is not present in your test so there is no autoloading of mission, in fact you can't have a persistent mission with the Quickstart because the mission wont run initially unless someone is connected. I wonder if this is the culprit?

    3a. Theres a fairly sizeable difference in my server.cfg when I did this test. I cut out a lot of options.

    1. I've got ACE3 and some unit mods like CUP and BAF added. Should be easy to rule out.
    2. My mission is a lot larger on Altis. It would not surprise me if that breaks something.
    3. There's possibly some funcitonal differences in the misisons anyway betweeen Alive modules and settings, I will have a peek at the quickstart mission tonight now its saved in my cache.

    What I plan to do is add the differences in layers and see where it breaks and find out what breaks it. It's enough to say that ALiVE can be broken right now, even when loaded as per the instructions provided, so I'm sure this is of interest to you guys.

    Fingers crossed for a solution and something to be gained for everyone out of this...

  17. Tupolov

    10 May 2016 Administrator
    1. You can configure respawn however you want as long as respawn on restart is disabled
    2. The only way to save a game is to exit currently. The save script should do this... If it doesn't, something is breaking it.
    3. Quick start is a fully persistent mission. Auto init is irrelevant and to be honest something we haven't reallly tested and may not work. The expected use case is for COOP missions that run anywhere from 1-x hours that are "saved" once the session is complete. Sessions are started by an admin and saved by an admin.

    To your points about ACE, CUP, BAF - all work fine with persistence.
    To your point about Altis and larger missions, we have stress tested to around 2000 AI and large Altis missions, so it shouldn't break anything.
    Please do check your module settings, particularly player persistence settings etc.

    As you say, start simple and validate persistence is working before introducing other elements. Auto-init would be the last thing to test.

  18. I think a problem is that i'm trying not to use it as it was designed based on what you said. I was heading for a JIP persistence similar to an exile/altis life type affair that would run the 'mission' without anyone present but use the "disable AI" to reduce CPU load. The ALiVE concept seems to be based around someone being there. Has anyone here tested with IniDB to get the persistence whilst only using ALiVE persistence for the logistics? My main issue with mixing the types is that traditional databases cannot capture the virtual AI system and the virtual AI system is the key to large scale conflict. So there's not a solution that fits my needs as far as I know :/ Which is kind of crushing. I'll still see if i can isolate the issue but without a way to fit my needs my heart isn't really in using this going forward. Thanks for your help.

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    You can keep the server running when nobody is online by setting persistent = 1; in the server config file. Assuming that's what you're going for (of course no db saving unless an admin executes it).

  20. Tupolov

    10 May 2016 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by Tupolov

    Why would you want to save if the server is always on then?

    For your scenario. Just start the mission you want to run and leave it on. Simples. If you decide you want to change missions, turn off the server or simply shutdown Arma - then join the mission and select Server Save and Exit.

    No one has to be on the server, you just need to start the mission (and save the mission when you want to turn your server off). As we stated above you need persistent = 1 in your server config to have any kind of persistent mission (and not have to have a player in the mission).

    Am I missing something here?

    JIP Persistence is fully baked into ALiVE.

  21. Hi All

    I believe I have the same problem with thebgpikester. In our server, When the mission is on, we are able to save Loadout, I mean "Player Exit", exit the game and join back, the save loadout load again. Single Player Persistence works. However "Save & Exit" did save and exit as intended however when we load the mission again, It reset to it original state. Even the "Reset to Original" State is blank out. I've been head scratching since 1.0.4. In 1.0.3 the persistence did work.

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