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  1. 3 years ago

    hey guys my dedicated server keep crashing wen I put database module in my mission
    without it though it works, ive registered on the war room and followed the tutorial, any help would be really helpful

  2. Friznit

    28 Nov 2014 Administrator

    Are you running @aliveserver on the server as well as @alive?

  3. yep am running the @aliveserver and @alive and cba, I actually put the debug on on the data base module and it didn't crash but then it didn't show on the war room, also is it right that u have to have at least 2 players for it to work, ive read that much on internet lately I cant remember if I read correctly

  4. ARJay

    5 Dec 2014 Administrator

    you can test the database module by yourself just fine. We recently released a new aliveserver DLL so you will need to grab that from the server setup of your WarRoom group page.

  5. 11 months ago

    Hello guys,

    I'm not sure if I can up this topic (it's an almost 2 years up) but I have a similar problem with my mission.

    If I start the mission WITHOUT the data module, it's ok, the mission work fine, but if I add the data module, the mission can't start because the server crash.

    I also can see this type of error in the server.rpt :

    Warning: This version of ALiVE is build for A3 version: 170.141764. The server is running version: 170.141838. Please contact your server administrator and update to the latest ALiVE release version.

    Any solution for the data problem ?

  6. Have you tried updating both your ALiVE and ALiVE server (for client and server)?

    Also, what's the message that comes up on crash?


  7. Hey'

    Thanks for your answer Spyder, I have updated the version of ALiVE on the server and the client and it's ok now, no more problems for that.

    But for the data module, the server still crash. "ArmA 3 has stopped working" and so, all clients lost the connection.

    All I see in the server RPT about ALiVE is this :

    ALiVE Global INIT
    ALiVE Global Init Timer Started
    ALiVE [m_0|30] Module ALiVE_sys_data INIT
    Exception code: C0000264 {Application Error}
    The application attempted to release a resource it did not own. Click OK to terminate the application.
    at C345CDD0
    graphics: No
    resolution: 160x120x32
    Addons: ##List of addons ##

  8. Edited 11 months ago by SpyderBlack723

    Hmm, can you post a list of the mods you are using (both server and client)?

    And are you on linux or windows?


  9. Edited 11 months ago by Sartax

    I'm not sure if this matter, but the server is on a Windows 8 OS, i'm not the one who take care of the server, I'm only the mission maker who know what to do with ALiVE and the server, but the server is on a Windows 8 OS.

    And here's the list of our addons :


  10. Are all those mods always running on the server? I don't see how that could cause anything but heartache.

  11. MCC Sandbox needs to go, for one. There are constant reports of it conflicting with ALiVE. But I highly recommend you guys trim the server back to a must need basis for the mission running.

  12. Edited 11 months ago by Sartax

    The mission and the server works well if the data module is not on the mission, but I'm going to talk with my team, to see if it's not possible to reduce the mod list on the server.

    I'm going to try without MCC on the server, I will edit this post after the test.

    EDIT : Same problem without MCC on the server, the server crash and in the server RPT :

    ALiVE Global INIT
    ALiVE Global Init Timer Started
    ALiVE [m_0|30] Module ALiVE_sys_data INIT

    and that's all.

  13. Edited 11 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    The simplest most fool proof test would be to run an ALiVE CBA only mission to see if it is indeed an issue with the data module and your server.

    Otherwise you guys are chasing your own tail. Just my 2 cents.

  14. Same problem just with ALiVE + CBA for client, and ALiVE + ALiVE_Server + CBA on the server.

    If the data module is not present on the mission, it's ok, but if I put the module on the mission, the server just crash.

  15. Edited 11 months ago by SpyderBlack723

    Your PC/server might be missing libraries required for our server plugin to work, will try to get more info.

    @marceldev89 ? :)

  16. I'm not in charge of the server for my team, but the OS is not a Windows Server 2008 or 2012 but a Windows 8, maybe that is the problem ?

  17. Try opening the @aliveserver DLL with Dependency Walker and check if there's anything missing on that system.

    The plugin might have also written to a log file which should be in @aliveserver/aliveplugin_*.txt.

  18. Edited 11 months ago by Sartax

    Alright, so I opened the "ALiVEPlugIn.dll" with Dependency Walker and I have this :


    But no Log file in my @AliveServer.

  19. Tupolov

    16 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Have you:

    Step 1	If using Microsoft Windows: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable must also be installed on your dedicated server.
  20. Tupolov

    16 Jun 2017 Administrator

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