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    First, let me say that I love you guys! ArmA isn't ArmA without ALiVE! I'm pretty new to ArmA and have spent most of my time learning how to create missions and then I got hooked on ORBAT and everything ALiVE.

    Secondly, thanks so much to HighHead for implementing SP local saves. For the life of me, I never could get my persistence to work in the Warroom. Everything showed clean but it never returned my saved game on reload. Stats and missions appeared in Warroom and my ALiVE profile was in the map section in game as well. I can now save local and all is right in the world.

    Which brings me to my question. Before I report it as a bug, does SP local save include saving your AI teammates? I've done a Player Save with ALiVE Save and I've also done an ALiVE Save without Player Save. In each event, the AI teammates do not reload. This includes with mods and on a clean save.

    Other than the teammates issue or nonissue, everything has worked well so far. Keep up the great work!

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    Unfortunately not - AI in the player group are not saved. I believe @HeroesandvillainsOS as a work-around for this using a unit spawner.

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    I use Spyder Addon's AI Recruitment module to recruit AI at my leisure. So basically what I do is disable the playable AI slots and recruit them when I spawn in game.

    I believe if AI are enabled the vanilla way, they'll spawn where you placed them in the editor, not where you were when you saved. I know @SpyderBlack723 wrote a little script that would teleport these guys to your location though. Maybe if he still has it handy he can share?

    I'll do a quick forum search to see if I can find it.

  4. Here you go:

  5. Added to wiki yo

  6. Someone may want to test it. I haven't used it in a long time.

  7. This is why you guys are the greatest :) Without ever posting previously, I have learned so much just by reading the forums.

    I'll give this a try shortly and give an update. I should have mentioned that I do use Spyder's addons (great work btw) and only place my player unit in the editor and then use Spyder's recruitment in game to create my team.

  8. Ok that script will not work for recruited AI. To use the script, you need to group the AI to your player in the editor, and they will be teleported to your location every time you load the mission.

  9. Thanks for the test, Heroes. I'll stick with Spyder's recruitment and just do saves at base instead of out in the field. This way I can just create my team at start with each new load.

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    That's the way I decided to do it. And if I ever need a group out in the field, I'll request one to join me via logistics, or I open operations and change the waypoint of a nearby group.

  11. First things First:

    BIG THX to the ALiVE devs for the SP save system!!!

    Like TNScout, I couldn't get the regular WarRoom saving and loading to work reliably with my modded missions. Used to have it working fine, but somewhere around the build 1.30 it started to fail always for me. Now, the very same missions that in some cases I didn't even manage to load for starting a session with traditional WarRoom setup, they work so smooth!

    And I checked this AI Teammate script snippet today and it worked fine. Only thing I'm not sure is what happens when one of them dies. I had the impression that he respawned on one of the respawn zones I had defined for players. Didn't find him, though...

    Or is the (playable slot) AI buddy dead & gone for good when killed?

    Nevertheless, I got great game going with WW2 Eastern Front, playing as combat medic - so FUCKING intense with all the immersion mods like immerse, AIS Wounding, bloodlust and whatnot!

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    As far as I'm aware, unless someone has a script solution, or a creative solution, AI cannot respawn. This is why I use Spyder's recruitment module, and/or call in friendly groups to join me from the tablet when I'm too far from a recruitment point (or I cheat and teleport myself to a recruitment point, and teleport us back :) ).

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    I use sunday revive and ai teleport scripty pingy found at the wiki. and they get teleported to me when mission restart. link to mod:Sunday Revive
    works like a charm, don't need respawn.

  14. Well I'll be damned, he finally released it standalone. His AI revive is the best I've ever seen in Arma 3 (for those curious, he's the DRO/DCO author which has had this revive functionality for quite some time).

    Thanks for the heads up, Brawler!

  15. THX Brawler for pointing out this mod. Might check it out as an alternative - modules are something I always like very much; never been much of a scripter and only do it if I absolutely have no "easy" alternative in .pbo form, LOL ;-)

    But for now I'm very happy with AIS or A3Wounding System by Psychobastard. Yes, it's a script, but I'd say it was worth the effort to build it in my INIT.sqf:

    - It works in SP and MP

    - It also allows AI in SP and MP to revive players and each other

    - And the lil' buggers finally do it by themselves independently OR if you order them!

    You can ofc put yourself on top of the "casualty priority list" by pressing "H" for help... then they rush to help you first in SP and MP. You can determine in the script's settings if all units of your side should be part of the revive system, all playables or just the actual player slots occupied by a human player.

    It is, on the other hand, more detailed than the BIS system - but still much easier to use than ACE Wounding system. And, well, if you want a good wounding system with configurable level of realism, but don't like ACE because you want to avoid having to play around with all the other settings needed to tailor ACE to your liking, this script is for you!

  16. 3 years ago

    Sorry to necro this thread, but in keeping with the theme of what OP was trying to do... I'm trying to start a session with unarmed AI in my squad and trying to arm them with whatever I can in mission. Generally I think I have everything else figured out, but when I restart, no matter if any of them died in the last session, or if I armed them to the teeth, they show back up on my next session the same way I placed them in the editor before starting the very first session unarmed and plus all the dead back alive.

    Any way to make alive index and process them the same way they process me?

    Maybe ungroup them via the commander stuff before shutting down my SP server?

  17. @ual002 I have very, very VERY good news for you, I'd wager! ;-)

    There is a ready-to-use script from Incontinentia for persisting all non-playable AI Teammates (position, health, equipment, ammo count), may they be editor placed or may they have been spawned & recruited by ALIVE or any other system. The script, however, requires you to to use ALIVE saving to make it work.

    Here is the link to the Github Download page:

    And here the link to the BIS Forums thread where I discussed with the friendly & helpful author a few questions about his script:

    If any AI temmate persisted with INCON squad persistence gets killed, he is gone for good/dead-is-dead-killed.

    Since this DOES NOT work for playable AI units, I had to come up with a "duct tape/improvised solution" for them. If that's what you want to do, just ask and I post my clumsy workaround here - at least something that works for the playble units, even if my code is laughable and primitive.

    Kind regards


  18. Fantastic. In fact, digging deeper since posting that I found mention of this INCON system, not realizing it was the only true solution, I didn't dive into that hole just yet.


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