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    So last night I was doing some routine testing on a mission I'm building and in the admin actions there's an option for IED threat level. The mission has the IED module synced to the insurgent commander and the IED level set to extreme. When I check the IED threat level it showed 0. I assume this is because the insurgents are only just getting to work.

    If I change that to the max it mentions does that instantly spawn more IED's? If so is there any way to do that automagically in the init?

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    If I remember correctly. IED Threat level is set in the module params and used as the initial setting.

    As soon as a player is within spawn range of the IED area, IEDs will be spawned based on the current IED threat level. If you change the IED Threat level it will only impact IED areas that have not spawned yet. i.e. when you move into a new zone, IEDs will be created based on the new threat level.

    You can see this in action by turning on debug for the IED module and visiting different urban areas.


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    @tupolov the threat level is always 0 on mission start if synced to insurgent commander. Intended if not near IED's? I also know it can take some time for them to place them.

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    Basically IED Module doesn't place IEDs when synced with OPCOM - OPCOM places them based on their strategy vs any settings in the IED Module.

    Usage: Place one IED module and configure options as desired. Optionally sync it to Military AI Commander in Asymmetric mode. If synced, the module will no longer create random IEDs but instead Insurgents will place IEDs at strategic locations within their TAOR.
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    I've been running around doing an insurgency mission for a couple days now and have yet to see an IED. All the modules are set up correctly, I just haven't been near their commander module so maybe it's all concentrated there?

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    @highhead For details on insurgency commander's use of IEDs...

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    I'm running some tests to see the current state of Assymetric IED proliferation. If there is a bug or if it's not working as intended, I'd like to isolate it.

    Does anyone know how to reveal physical IED's or IED positions? IED module debug doesn't reveal anything (which it probably should!).

    NOTE: I am not looking to reveal IED factories. I'm looking to see if any or enough actual IED's are being placed around held OPCOM objectives.

  10. Believe it is OPCOM debug. I've also found them to be extremely rare. "Most" I ever saw was 2 got placed after the server ran for 6ish hours, starting installations were extreme, they started with a lot of troops and was before the update that slowed down progression.

    Hopefully a bug, or the threat level could be used to make the OPCOM order more placed.

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    Threat level from my understanding does not apply to IED's when synced to the insurgent OPCOM. This would explain why the level is always 0 and also why the preset amounts (low, high, etc) don't have any impact when used in this fashion.

    Good news is this topic has grabbed the attention of a dev and looks like this module when synced is not working in an ideal way. Stay tuned for possible refinements.

  12. It would be great if we could have an option (like we do with asymmetric installations) to start a mission with low, medium, or high IED count.

  13. Not often that one can say they are looking forward to getting blown up... :)


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